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Teaching Web Composition

This section of our site has been written from a teacher's perspective. It shares Internet and computer classroom teaching experiences and facilitates contacts between classes and instructors. Find CompSite materials and links to useful resources to help you with various aspects of teaching by exploring the links below.

Teaching Resources and Readings

Links to some of the best teaching resource sites on the Web and bibliographies for composition.

Assignment Collections

Find models for syllabus planning, composition exercises and computer-assisted assignments.

Web Class Sites and Teaching Tips

Link to Web sites for classes in composition and other disciplines and find teacher training materials and practical advice.

Teaching Web Composition

This section provides strategies for successfully introducing HTML coding, organizing assignments and teaching hypermedia composition.

Teaching in the Computer Classroom

Here you can find discussions about teacher authority in the computer classroom and strategies for incorporating technology into your pedagogy.

Resources from College Online

Here you'll find tips and methods for developing successful pedagogies and for teaching writing using peer review and argumentation.

Instructional Tool Resources

Find here links to clearinghouse sites that evaluate instructional tools and courseware and links to instructional tools that can be downloaded or used in courses.

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