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Most schools offer a number of instructional tools or a comprehensive courseware package that can be used in the service of teaching. Much of the information at CompSite can be adapted to assist you in developing assignments and honing the computer-assisted teaching skills needed to successfully incorporate instructional tools into teaching. If you or your university seek to collect information about or expand the instructional tool options available to you, try investigating the resources below.

Clearinghouse and Information Sites

Computer-mediated Learning Platforms

This site provides a nice clearinghouse with links to a number of review sites and instructional tool options.

Conferencing Software on the Web

A nice fairly comprehensive index site providing information about the latest developments in instructional tools and a number of useful links.

Online Educational Delivery Applications

Another valuable index site offering comparisons and links to instructional tool resources.

Instructional Tools Available on the Web


This site offers free hosting of email discussion lists. You can easily set up an email list to help to facilitate class communication.

Critical Tools

Developed by the Computer Writing and Research Labs, this set provides a number of valuable Web-based instructional tools created with Perl scripts that can be set up easily on most Web servers. Freely available for nonprofit use.

The SITES Instructional Tool Set

A prototype set of instructional tools designed for writing classes created with Perl scripts and HTML files that can be set up on most Web servers. Freely available for nonprofit use.

Speakeasy Studio & Cafe

An instructional package that provides text sharing and communication options for classes. The source code is available for free and the site will provide free host services to educational institutions and instructors.


A package providing a comprehensive set or instructional tools for free. Currently versions run on a PowerPC Macintosh server.


A comprehensive set of instructional tools. This package can be downloaded and set up for use on your own server at no charge or instructors can receive free hosting at the SyllaBase Web site.

Web Course in a Box

A comprehensive package that includes class management as well as communications features. You can download the package for use on your own server, or rely on hosting. Both options, however, are not free.


Another comprehensive package of course management and instructional tools. WebCT also offers their package for downloading or hosting services. For either option, fees are required.

Lotus LearningSpace

This package also provides a full set of management and instructional tools. LearningSpace is a commercial package that requires a dedicated server.


Although Blackboard offers free hosting of class spaces via their Web site, their more sophisticated instructional tools are available as commercial packages.

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