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Daily News at Yahoo!

News Resource

Multimedia News Links

One of the best things about the Internet is the way it provides the most recent information about news and current events. Find out what's happening with the links below.

News and Newspapers Online

A geographically organized collection of International links to broadcast and print news sources.

Daily News at Yahoo!

A clearinghouse for current stories searchable by category or keyword.

The L.A. Times

An online version of the daily paper, currently offered at no charge.

CNN Home Page

Easy access to the day's events from CNN, including images and sounds.

The New York Times

Requires an e-mail address and registration, but (currently) offers the New York Times at no charge.

The Pavilion Newsstand

Click on the local, national, or international news links to reach a variety of information sources.

News Resource

A geographically organized news site that is searchable by keyword and location.

Real Guide's Multimedia News Links

An index of multimedia items and online broadcasts concerning the latest news.

Global Gateway

A site offering alternative news including human rights information and issues relating to regions across the globe.

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