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In the natural sciences, writers conduct experiments, make and record observations, and report on their work in an effort to better understand the natural world. The natural sciences includes a number of sub fields, including medicine, mathematics, physics and engineering, to name a few.

To help you with natural science writing projects, we've collected some of the most useful links. Be sure, however, to investigate resources on your own by performing keyword searches or browsing through some Internet subject directories. Some of the best general subject directories are:

Additionally, you'll find that a good way to begin more focused research is to browse and search through some of the directories that catalog indexes to articles or that are organized around academic topics. Some of the best specialized sites are:

You can also get a sense for various subjects using the quick search form on the right.
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General Natural Science Resources
National Academy of Sciences
Home Page of the major scholarly society for the sciences.

Virtual Library Science Links
A large collection for the subject.

The Internet Librarian's Science Links
A screened collection of science related links that are organized by sub topic.

CBE Documentation Information
Discussion and examples of the major documentation style for the natural sciences, the Council of Biology Editors (CBE) style.

Library Resources
Don't forget to check your school library or its Web page. Explore your library's Indexes and Abstracts resources; InfoTrac is a good place to start. For science resources look for The General Science Index and the Science Citation Index. Also check with your reference librarian about specific indexes available to you.
Resources for Chemistry
University of Houston's Chemistry Reference Index
Links to journals, abstracts, bibliographies and other resources.

Sponsored by the American Chemical Society, this site features numerous publications and education resources.
Galaxy's Chemistry Links
Links to many university organizations, directories and collections.

The Virtual Library's Chemistry Links
Hosted by UCLA, this page provides links to chemistry-related resources and discussion.
Resources for Biology
Bio Online's Research and Academic Sites Page
Links to databases and research tools as well as a lengthy collection of biology Web sites.

A central site for biology indexes, abstracts and articles. Sign up is required, but free.
A collection of resources and a search engine organized around the study of biology.

Northern Prairie Biological Resources
This wildlife center resource page contains links to information organized by type, taxonomy and region.
Resources for Engineering
Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library
A good starting place, with links to journals, newsgroups and reviewed sites on the Web.

The Virtual Library's Engineering Links
A collection of links to engineering resources, lots of links but not annotated.
The American Society of Civil Engineers Publication Page
Links to resources and publications including a searchable database.

The Bridge
Publications from the National Academy of Engineering. For more publications, follow the links to the Bridge Archives.
Resources for Medicine
The Institute of Medicine
Part of the National Academy of Sciences, this organization home page links to publications, news and other resources.

The Centers for Disease Control
Of particular interest on the government sponsored CDC site are their Health Information and Other Sites links.

National Institutes of Health
This Health Resources collection features links to a number of sites for medical information.
The American Medical Society
Publishers of JAMA, this organization provides information for medical professionals.

Top Ten Medicine Sites
Links to a reader-ranked list for resources in medicine, health and other subjects.

The World Health Organization
International resources concerning health matters. From the Information Sources link you can reach a number of resources.
Resources for Earth Sciences
American Geological Institute
Links sponsored by professional organizations in the earth sciences.

The US Geological Survey Internet Links
Internet Resources concerning earth sciences organized by subtopic.
General Earth Science WWW Resources
Information organized under earth science categories with numerous links within subcategories.

Hot List for Earth Science
A large collection of earth science links organized by subject.
Resources for Physics
American Institute of Physics
This professional organization home page provides links to news, publications and useful resources.

News and resources for the physics profession.
Physics Indexes, Abstracts, Bibliographies, and Table of Contents Services
Sponsored by the University of Houston, this page contains links to references that are mostly available on the Web.

The Virtual Library's Physics Page
An overview page with links to collections of sub fields.
Resources for Astronomy
American Astronomical Society
This professional organization home page provides links to publications, bibliographies, news and other resources.

Earth and Sky
An astronomy site aimed at a more popular audience than the AAS pages.
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
The NASA pages provide information about the government organization and links to activities and resources.

The Librarian's Index to the Internet Astronomy Links
Another useful collection created by the Librarian's Index, with links organized in a number of subcategories as well.
Resources for Mathematics
University of Houston's Mathematics References
Links to resources, including articles, bibliographies and abstracts.

American Mathematical Society
The home page of the major professional organization in mathematics leads to publications and research tools, news and other resources.
The Virtual Library's Mathematics Bibliography
Links to bibliographies, references and other mathematics resources.

Mathematical Resources on the Web
A large collection of links to teaching resources, publications, organizations and other useful information.
Resources for Computer Science
Indexes, Abstracts, Bibliographies, and Table of Contents Services in Computer Science
The University of Houston's collection of reference links and other resources.

The World's Computer Society
Sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, this page leads to publications, educational information, news and other resources.
The Association for Computing Machinery
This professional organization's home page provides links to educational resources and publications, including a valuable digital library.

Floyd Ingram's Den
An extensive list of hundreds of computer technology companies.

Author: Daniel Anderson
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