Warning: this is not a column. Sorry, but there's no installment again this week -- technically, I'm still on Spring Break, and I intend to take full advantage of it. However, I would like to put in a word of sympathy for all the other bereaved Duke fans out there. And a word of hatred for Kentucky... oh well, this just means I'll get to see more of Shane Battier around campus. As for the Final Four, my vote goes to Stanford, a fellow institution with great academics as well as athletics. Kentucky... well, if they win, at least it'll prove that we lost to the best team in the country. Utah? Um... I like skiing there, but I don't know much about their basketball team. And yes, UNC can still go to hell. (A word to Mike in Albany -- don't make fun of Duke, dear. Your own team, Georgia, didn't even make it to the tournament.)

Oh well, I'm off to unpack my car. See y'all next week!

(PS: For everyone who asked about the tornado that hit my hometown of Gainesville last week, yes, I'm okay, and no, nothing was damaged. It was only two miles from my house, though... makes ya think.)

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