Welcome to First Year Focus, a place for support, information, and tips for navigatin through that challenging first school year! You also might find a few surprises along the way. Check it out!

Are you making the grade? Need
to sharpen those study skills?
Click here to make the grade.
Got any spare change? Are
you spending or saving? Check
the pocket to manage things
down to your last thin dime.
Feel great, look great, and do great
things. Come to the center for tips
on optimal health and wellness.
Are you hip to it? Are you pressured by it?
Whatever scene you're in, we're there for you.
Come on in!
You've got a long road ahead of you.
Which direction will you take?
Find your way inside the path.
Your not alone, check out this first
year student as she teters On the Brink

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