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Sentences for Editing

Edit the following sentences to correct errors in sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and style.

  1. We are very close to schedule. Ahead in some things, and a little behind in others.

  2. While floating down the Snake River in Teton National Park one product fascinated me in both its utility and design.

  3. My responsibilities included organizing classes, equipment testing and purchases, managing, marketing, and head instructor.

  4. I am writing your company requesting the opportunity to interview with you.

  5. The help is sufficient, however, the opportunity to sit and discuss the larger issues would be appreciated.

  6. Lying in the gutter, she found her watch.

  7. The balloons were gathered in clusters of red, blue, orange, yellow, green, purple and gold and brown.

  8. The members of the committee included: Susan, Rey, Tran, Ditlev and Keesha.

  9. The one thing that I can already see that I need to do some research on are the most common problems in personnel selection.

  10. I am a student preparing to be an administrator at St. Cloud State University.

  11. All comments are positive and listening to the child is stressed.

  12. Not only is this helpful for finding an internship, but for finding a job and for class assignments.

  13. I am interested in security measures and security systems, therefore my goal at this point is to combine the two categories of finance and security in my investigation.

  14. Please contact me for an interview at 123-4567 (home) or 765-4321 (school).

  15. It was suggested by Dr. Robinson that I familiarize myself with the newest management strategies, and his advice will be used for the final report.

  16. I also have an interview scheduled that will take place on campus that I found through Career Services on campus.

  17. I have been involved in the Sports Band, Travel and Tourism Club and was the Community Volunteer Coordinator for Speech Communications Club.

  18. There is definitely a real concern for the lack of motivation that fifth grade students are experiencing in regard to properly completing their writing assignments and other literature and writing skill objectives.

  19. The problem I will investigate will be to come up with a design that will be both cost effective and do the best job.

  20. Reaching carefully into the packing box, the sensitive scale was lifted out.

  21. The Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act requires "campus security administrators" to report crimes of sexual violence, that are made in good faith, to the appropriate law enforcement personnel.

  22. I am a responsible individual who will virtually work around the clock if necessary.

  23. Not only do I hold computer skills, but also very importantly, good interpersonal, public speaking and one on one communication skills.

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