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Parallelism Exercise

Some of the following sentences have errors in parallelism. First, determine if the sentence does, in fact, include faulty parallelism. If it does, in the space provided revise the sentence so that it's parallel. If the sentence is correct, write "correct" in the space.

  1. We need a supplementary work force to handle peak-hour activity, to free full-time employees from routine duties, to relieve operators at lunch breaks, and the replacement of vacationing employees.

  2. The following recommendations were made regarding the Cost Containment Committee's position statement:

    1. Stress that this statement is for all departments.
    2. Start the statement with "If the company continues to grow, the following steps should be taken."
    3. The statement should emphasize both department managers and staff.

  3. You may travel to the new plan either by train or there is a plane.

  4. We are not only responsible to our stockholders, but also to our customers.

  5. The computer instruction contains fetch, initiate, and execute stages.

  6. I was convinced of their competence by their conduct, because of their reputation, and by their survival in a competitive business.

  7. Either we must increase our operational efficiency or we must decrease our production goals.

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