A Guide to Internet
Resources in English Composition




Search Engines

  • AltaVista
    Allows both simple and advanced searches of WWW and Usenet; fast and powerful.

  • Ask Jeeves
    A very interesting search engine that allows plain English questions

  • Britannica Internet Guide
    From the Encyclopedia Britannica people; evaluates, rates, and limits findings.

  • DejaNews
    Searches Usenet newsgroups.

  • Excite
    An extensive multipurpose finder of information; includes a web search engine, a directory, and other lookups; now allied with America Online.

  • HotBot
    Powerful and customizable web and Usenet search engine.

  • Infoseek
    Allows searches of WWW, email addresses, Usenet, and newswires. Also include a directory.

  • Lycos
    Web search engine and more: directory, graphics, PeopleFind, StockFind, Maps, etc.

  • Magellan
    A large collection of pre-reviewed sites (special "Green Light" database excludes all sites with adult content), along with a directory.

  • Open Text
    WWW searches; in Power Search mode, provides menus for Boolean search operators; simple to use.

  • WebCrawler
    A quick and simple to use web search engine and directory .

  • Yahoo
    Both a full-fledged WWW search engine and the most famous directory for browsing.


Fee-Based Research Services

  • Brainwave
    Searches Business and Company Information, Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks, Medicine, News, People and Biographies, Science and Technology, Social Science, Government and Education.

  • Electric Library
    Allows plain English searches of more than 150 full-text newspapers and 800 fulltext magazines; free 30-day subscription.

  • Lexis-Nexis
    Online legal, news and business information services.

  • UnCover
    A periodical index and document delivery (by fax) service


General Directories


Desktop References


Writing Help


Writing for the Internet


Evaluating Information on the Internet


Specialized Web Sites


Current Events

  • CNN
    Multimedia, up-to-the minute online news source; not adequately archived for searches.

  • Electronic Newsstand
    An extensive listing of thousands of magazines; searchable, though most articles founds are not available online.

  • Forbes
    Online version of Forbes Magazine; searchable archives.

  • Fox News
    News, business, health, sports, and technology.

  • The New York Times on the Web
    The New York Times on the web. Requires registration, but free.

  • The New York Times on the Web: Books
    Web-based book section of the Times.

  • Newsstand
    Links to over 4200 website of print publications--newspapers, magazines, computer publications. Searchable by publication name.

  • San Francisco Chronicle
    Online version; searchable.

  • Time Magazine
    An online version of Time Magazine; search feature searches Time and many others; also provide access to bulletin boards and chats.

  • TotalNEWS
    According to itself, "Information is the oxygen of the modern age.TotalNEWS is a directory of news sites designed to increase your access to information."

    Online version of the national newspaper.

  • Washington Post
    Online version of the Washington Post; searchable for past week.


Bibliographic Citation Guides


Finding Email Addresses

  • Bigfoot

    Supposedly the Internet's largest collection of email addresses.

  • Four11
    An extensive searchable email address directory, plus "yellow pages," a phone book, government and celebrity addresses.

  • Internet Address Finder
    Claims to be the fastest email search engine, with nearly six million addresses in its database.

  • Lycos EmailFind
    Associated with the Lycos web search engine.

  • Phonebooke [sic]
    Searches Yahoo, Usenet, and its own email address database.

  • Switchboard
    One of the most popular "people-finders" on the Internet; good for addresses and phone numbers, thin on email addresses.

  • Usenet Addresses Database
    A list of the email addresses of posters to Usenet (actually a huge number, when you think about it.)

  • WhoWhere
    One of the first, and still one of the most used, people finders: email addresses, phone numbers, home pages, business and government web and email addresses, 800 numbers, yellow pages and more.

  • World Email Directory
    Spreads itself thin, but your best chance at finding a non-U.S. address.


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