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The Most Essential
Academic Essentials
U. S. Government and Politics
Political Parties
International Relations/Comparative Government
News Sources
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The Most Essential

  • The American Political Science Association
    You will find links to academic institutions, publications, and organizations here at the home of professional political scientists.

  • The CIA World Fact Book
    Information about the geography, demographics, economics, politics and military power of every country around the globe.

  • Essence of India
    A huge collection of links to things Indian, political and non-political

  • Europa, The official site of the European Union
    Press releases and information about the institutions and policies of the European Union.

  • FedWorld Guide to Federal Web Pages
    A federal government guide to the federal government web sites. There's a search engine here as well specializing in the nation's official web world.

  • Federal Government Web Page Catalog
    This is a seemingly exhaustive list of federal government Web sites compiled by the librarians at Louisiana State University. The list is organized like the government, by branches, departments, and agencies. Fortunately there is a key word search feature and an always-visible set of links to the list's main topic areas.

  • A Guide for Contacting Congress
    A comprehensive list of the members of the House and Senate and how to get in touch with them electronically, telephonically, and postally.

  • Internet Wiretap
    A collection of government documents from all over the world including constitutions, the NAFTA treaty, and the Maastrict treaty

  • International and Area Studies
    Links to a broad range of political, diplomatic, and economic sites from all over the world.

  • The Jefferson Project
    A comprehensive guide to on-line politics. There are links here to political, governmental, state and federal resources.

  • The New York Times Political Points
    An exhaustive and wonderfully useful collection of links that is updated regularly by Rick Meislin. You must register to use the site, but it was free at publication time.

  • The Outline of American Government
    An outline textbook published by the U.S. Information Agency. It begins with the Constitution and the Federalist papers and continues to describe the structure of government today.

  • The Political Science List of Lists
    This is the site to use in order to find specialized electronic mailing lists.

  • Political Science and Sociology Online Publications
    Take care, this URL is case sensitive. This service of the University of Colorado, with links to academic publications will save a great deal of time and effort as you do research.

  • The Political Science Virtual Library
    The University of Connecticut library provides a site at which to begin your research project.

  • Politics on the Web from Project Vote Smart
    The emphasis at this site is on politics, not political science. But if your political science project is about politics, there are few better places to begin.

  • Think: Opinions, Ideas and Commentary
    This web site offers links to Op/Ed pages from English language newspapers and magazines from around the world.

  • THOMAS: The Library of Congress' Record of Congress
    Trumpeted by Speaker Gingrich, this has become the authoritative site on Congress. It lacks committee votes and bill mark-ups, but it's impressively open.

  • United Nations
    In English, French or Spanish, there is information here about the institution and its activities.

    United States Congress

  • House of Representatives:
  • Senate:
    Both houses of Congress have sites devoted to their members and activities

  • U. S. Courts: The Federal Judiciary Home Page
    The links here go to the district courts, their calendars, and decisions.

  • United States Supreme Court Decisions
    There are links here to decisions since 1990 and over 300 historic decisions before 1990.

  • United States White House
    There are politics, tourism and substantive information about big issues (see the virtual briefing rooms) at the official White House web site.

  • The University of Natal's list of political links
    The site at Pietermaritzburg and the Zambian National WWW Server (to which there is a link) are the two best bets for information about southern Africa. In addition the University of Natal's site offers a great many links for general scholarship and related to the former British Empire.


Academic Essentials


U. S. Government and Politics


Political Parties


International Relations/Comparative Government

  • AdmiNet
    A fairly comprehensive source of links to politics, news and economics about France. Much of the information is in French, but there is significant content in English..

  • Africa HotList
    The Franklin Institute's list of links to things African. It includes everything from ancient Egypt to virtual tourism, but political links are easily identifiable.

  • African National Congress
    The revolutionary party now governing South Africa presents itself on the web. There are many links here to governmental and political information.

  • Arab World Online
    While the quality and extent of information varies from nation to nation, there are links here to countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

  • AsiaLink
    There are links here to individual nations as well as economic and cultural information.

  • British Government Central Office of Information
    The COI is the official voice of the British government. At this site you will find official press releases and information about government departments.

  • British Politics Page
    A large list of links to sites about British politics sponsored by a London bookstore. It includes e-mail links to British politicians.

  • Caribbean Home Page
    Want to know about individual nations, media, politics, sports, or academics in the Caribbean? This MIT site will connect you.

  • The Center for Security Studies and Conflict Research
    A European think tank, founded in 1986, that is an independent academic institution researching and teaching in the fields of security policy and conflict analysis.

  • Centre for Research in International Migration and Ethnic Relations
    "CEIFO [the Swedish acronym], is an inter-disciplinary research unit established 1983 at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Stockholm University. Its research programme covers international migration, ethnicity, nationalism, xenophobia and racism, ethnic relations, immigration policies."

  • Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members
    From the CIA, here's the list of state and government leaders from every country in world.

  • China News Digest
    Begun in 1988, by Chinese expatriates, CND is a central point for news, politics, and recent history.

  • The Republic of China
    Official government information about government, leaders, and politics in the Republic of China.

  • Constitutions of the World
    It is an "antique" gopher server (i.e. text only). But, do you really want animated graphics on your screen while you try to download the constitution of Macedonia?

  • East European News
    Radio Free Europe has been transformed into the Open Market Research Institute and continues to report and analyze the news about East Europe and the former Soviet Union.

  • Electoral Web Sites
    There are links at this site to elections, parties, parliaments, and a political database for the globe.

  • Electronic Embassy
    There are links here to embassies in the U.S. The quality varies with the priorities of the countries represented.

  • EuroDocs
    Facsimiles and translations of documents from Western European nations collected and displayed by the library at Bringham Young University.

  • EuroLink
    Search engines for sixteen nations in English or French.

  • Foreign Affairs Magazine
    One of the U. S. A.'s most respected journals about foreign policy is now on-line and maintains a large file of links to sites related to international relations.

  • Fourth World Documentation Project
    "Our goal is to present the online community with the greatest possible access to documents and resources about the poorest and least industrialized people and nations." You will find here an on-line library of texts which record and preserve peoples' struggles to regain their rightful place in the international community.

  • Germany
    A German government-operated site aimed at a U. S. audience. Includes links to information and news about Germany.

  • GODORT International Documents Task Force
    Northwestern University's library has a well-organized collection of links to a huge list of international organizations.

  • Heads of Governments
    "This site contains lists of heads of state and heads of government (and, in certain cases, de facto leaders who don't occupy either of those formal positions) of all currently existing countries and territories."

  • INCORE, The Initiative on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity
    This is a joint venture of the University of Ulster and the United Nations University to act as a central resource on the internet for those in the area of conflict resolution and ethnic conflict.

  • Indonesian Government Links
    Connections to web and gopher sites.

  • Institute for Global Conflict and Cooperation
    Research and reports on economics, defense, and the environment from a multi-campus research unit in the University of California system.

  • The International Institute for Strategic Studies
    This Swiss think tank was founded in 1958, is an independent center for research, information and debate on the problems of conflict-primarily military conflict.

  • International Institute for Sustainable Development
    A government-funded organization with a mission to promote sustainable development in decision making internationally and within Canada.

  • Japan - Prime Minister
    Available in Japanese or English, this server is in the Prime Minister's official residence.

  • Latin World
    English and Spanish links to news and specific countries in Latin America.

  • Malaysia Home Page
    A public service site maintained by a web service provider in Malaysia that contains links to economic, governmental, and legal information.

  • Maximov On-line
    News from Russia and the CIS from the Interfax News Agency, directories of Russian leaders and links to recent election results in Russia.

  • NATO
    The official page from an organization that is growing and redefining itself.

  • Pacific Islands Internet Resources
    There are links here to individual nations' sites and sites about issues related to Pacific nations.

  • Parliamentary and Presidential Elections Around the World
    This site provides a valuable service by reporting on election results-even obscure ones.

  • Parliaments
    Links here will connect you to sites of national parliaments and multinational legislatures like the European Parliament.

  • Russia On-Line
    Links to sources in English and Russian for official information and news about Russian government and politics.

  • RussianWeb
    As the URL suggests, there are links here to the states of the former Soviet Union. Accessible information includes political information, statistical data, and reference sites.

  • Sinn Fein
    The Irish Republican Army's political wing makes its case on the World Wide Web.

  • The Tocqueville Connection
    News and analysis with a French perspective; especially concerned with Franco-American relations

  • United States Information Agency Daily Washington File
    News deemed important by the USIA and distributed to thw world. Informatation is available in several languages and the archive goes back to 1992.

  • USAfrica Project
    From the publisher of USAfrica comes this site touting itself as "The authoritative link for the U. S. and Africa."

  • World Association of Major Metropolises
    Multi-lingual links to cities and issues about urban political issues.

  • The World Bank
    A truly trans-national organization active in trade, finance and development, especially in developing countries.

  • World Population
    An estimate of the world population that is updated regularly.


News Sources


A Sampling of Issues-Oriented Sites


Other Sites Mentioned in the text


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