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The Social Work MegaSites

  • Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors
    This web site, which serves as a home page for the BSW program directors, offers a variety of links to a wide range of social work Internet resources.

  • Columbia University Social Work Library
    Provides links to social work subject guides and Internet resources, social work related electronic journals on the Internet, and current social work monographs from Columbia University.

  • Computer Use in Social Services Network (CUSSN)
    CUSSNet began in 1985 as a group of FIDONET bulletin boards. Possibly the first social work presence on the Internet, no set of links would be complete without including reference to this site. The site provides links to resources related to computer use in human services, and serves as an important linkage for social workers on the Internet.

  • CTI: Social Work on the Web
    This site is sponsored by the Computers in Teaching Initiative Centre for Human Services at the University of Southampton (UK). The site provides links in the areas of children and families, community work, social work databases, drugs, eldercare, equal opportunities, human rights, mental health, networks, psychosocial palliative care, social work organizations, social work practice, social work research, social work education, welfare benefits, and more.

  • Grassroots Social Work Resource Locator
    Sponsored by the Social Work Department of Andrews University, this site offers keyword search capabilities and site reviews. The site also offers links to social work content areas, cross-curriculum issues, and other topics, such as social work education, professional organizations, spirituality and alternative therapies, social work technology, and social work journals and ezines.

  • Links to Job Search Resources for Social Workers
    This site offers links to resources for the social worker seeking employment in a variety of locations.

  • Nonprofit Resources Catalogue
    This site, started by Phillip A. Walker as a personal project in 1994, has won numerous web awards. It catalogues Internet sites that may benefit nonprofits and those interested in a wide variety of social work related issues. There is a heavy emphasis on meta-links to other catalogues in some subject areas.

  • The Phylis Lan Lin Program in Social Work Links and Lists
    An impressive list of social work related links from the University of Indianapolis.

  • Social Work Access Network
    SWAN, sponsored by the University of South Carolina College of Social Work, offers one of the most complete listing of Internet resources available for social workers. SWAN organizes links in topical areas such as national organizations, global organizations, US governments, schools of social work, conferences & meeting, and topics by subject. SWAN also has listserv and newsgroup directories.

  • Social Work and Social Services Web Sites
    Hosted by the George Warren Brown School of Social Work, this site offers a tremendous number of links in a wide range of social work practice areas.

  • Social Work and Technology in Australia
    Created and maintained by Anthony Collingwood, this page is intended as a resource for social work students, with an emphasis placed on technology driven advances in social work practice.

  • The Social Work Café
    This site represents a wealth of resources in a variety of areas for social workers. Hosted as a free service of GeoCities.Com, the Social Work Café is a community of global Social Work professionals, educators, and students who believe in the cross-global exchange of information.

  • Social Work On-line
    Created by Marvin P. Vernon, LCSW, this site is intended as a "one stop" site featuring the most valuable social work, social service, and mental health resources that the internet has to offer. You will also find a chat room, featured articles, and some basic internet advice.

  • Social Work Resources on the Net
    Located on the Web site of the School of Social Service Administration at University of Chicago, this is an impressive set of links to social work resources in a wide range of practice areas.

  • World Wide Web Resources for Social Workers
    W3RSW, produced by Gary Holden at NYU, is an amazing resource with what looks like hundreds of links to social work resources in a wide range of topics. This site was selected for the Chronicle of Higher Education's Information Technology Resources and for the UniGuide Academic Guide to the Internet (formerly the National Science Foundation funded InterNIC Academic Guide to the Internet).


Academic Sites

  • Buckinghamshire College (UK)
    This site provides a wealth of client group and practice method-related links for students, particularly about social work in the UK.

  • Chinese University of Hong Kong
    Information about social work in Hong Kong

  • College of St. Benedict-St. John's University (Minnesota)
    Set up with a clickable "Settlement House" image map, this site provides resources for social work students in both Spanish and English.

  • Columbia University (New York)
    A particularly well-designed site, Columbia provides a variety of links to library, computing, and Internet resources for social work.

  • Colorado State University
    Colorado State provides a nice set of links to other web resources .

  • Florida International University
    Provides a listing of WWW and Gopher sites for social work.

  • Florida State University
    Provides a description of ongoing research at FSU and listings of Internet resources for social work.

  • Goteborg University (Sweden)
    If you've considered studying social work in Sweden, this is a good place to start!

  • Grant MacEwan Community College (Alberta, Canada)
    Great list of international social work resources, with a focus on Canada.

  • Jane Addams College of Social Work (Illinois)
    This site includes information about Hull House Museum which commemorates the work of social welfare pioneer and peace advocate Jane Addams, her innovative settlement house associates, and the neighborhood they served.

  • Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada)
    This site provides a number of links to links in the areas of social work, psychology, women's issues, justice and corrections, substance abuse, children's issues, men's issues, and social policy.

  • Michigan State University
    Provides a number of links to valuable web resources, particularly in the areas of diversity, disabilities, and domestic violence.

  • New Mexico State University
    Provides information about the Family Preservation Institute and other social work related links.

  • North Carolina State University
    Offers links to social work resources in the areas of policy, practice methods, other points of interest for social work students.

  • Public University of Navarra (Spain)
    This site offers a variety of social work related resources in Spanish.

  • Rochester Institute of Technology (New York)
    This is a nicely designed site which offers resources related to social work and deafness and to social work and information technology.

  • Southern Illinois University
    Provides a variety of links useful to social work students.

  • Syracuse University (New York)
    Offers a comprehensive list of social work links in a wide variety of practice areas.

  • Temple University (Pennsylvania)
    Offers some useful Internet resources for social workers.

  • University of Alabama
    Offers Helping Hands: Social Work Resources on the Web. Helping Hands was originally constructed by graduate students at the University of Alabama's School of Library and Information Studies. Helping Hands was designed to provide students enrolled at the University's School of Social Work with links to relevant World Wide Web resources that have been organized using fundamental principles of librarianship.

  • University of Bristol (UK)
    The School for Policy Studies is the home of the Policy Press, and offers other social work links related to social policy in the UK.

  • University of Calgary (Alberta, Canada)
    Easy-to-use site offers resources which are useful to students, faculty and staff at the Faculty of Social Work and others in the social work field.

  • U of California at Berkeley
    Berkeley offers a variety of links to social work resources on the Net.

  • University of Central Lancashire (UK)
    Provides access to lots of social work web-sites including The Social Work Student, Britain's first on-line, student refereed journal and Professional Digest, a database of social work research.

  • University of Chicago (Illinois)
    One of the most comprehensive information resources available to social workers, this site offers the Social Work Student Network (SWSN), a collaborative effort among student social workers throughout the world.

  • University of Dundee (UK)
    Offers links, specializing in resources related to social work in the UK.

  • University of East Anglia, Norwich (UK)
    Provides information about the Centre for Research on the Child and Family and the Family Support Network.

  • University of Kansas
    Provides a bibliography for the strengths perspective in social work, social science resources, information from Office of Social Policy Analysis and the Kansas Kids Count home page.

  • University of Michigan
    Offers important resources for social work students and information about ongoing research at the University of Michigan.

  • University of Oxford (UK)
    Provides information about current research at the University of Oxford, recent publications, and useful links.

  • University of Pennsylvania
    University of Pennsylvania is the home of PRAXIS, which provides resources for social and economic development. The site also provides information about current research at the University of Pennsylvania and international activities of the School of Social Work.

  • University of Plymouth (UK)
    This site offers information about the Community Research Centre at the University of Plymouth, as well as links to social policy and social work related WWW pages.

  • University of Queensland (Australia)
    Offers a wealth of informational links with an emphasis on social work in Australia.

  • University of South Carolina
    The University of South Carolina is the home of the Social Work Access Network and sponsors an annual National Technology Conference for social work.

  • University of South Florida
    Provides a variety of resources for social work students which are useful for seasoned practitioners as well.

  • University of Southern California
    USC offers their Top Ten Internet resources in psychology and mental health, community organizing and welfare reform, social work research, industrial social work, family and children, health care, career development, government resources, foundations and grant making, non-profits, and social work indexes.

  • University of Strathclyde (UK)
    Offers links to resources not found elsewhere.

  • University of Tennessee - Knoxville
    Provides a social work discussion area, information about the Children's Mental Health Services Research Area, and links to other important resources.

  • University of Texas at Arlington
    The home of CUSSNET (Computer Users in Human Services), UTA offers a variety of informational links for students and practitioners.

  • University of Texas at Austin
    Provides a listing of the activities of their Center for Social Work Research.

  • University of Washington
    In addition to the usual links, UW offers Policy Watch, a more-or-less weekly bulletin about issues and events in Olympia during the legislative session, focused primarily on social welfare, low-income, and related health concerns before the legislature.

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Offers information about The Institute for Research on Poverty, The LaFollette Institute of Public Policy , and the UW Homelessness Project.

  • University of York (UK)
    This UK site offers a useful Social Policy Resource Guide.

  • Washington University: George Warren Brown School of Social Work (Missouri)
    One of the most comprehensive sites in social work education, these pages offer information about research projects at GWB and a complete list of informational links in a variety of practice areas. The Social Work and Social Services Jobs Database is a valuable resource for all social workers.


Government Resources

  • Administration on Aging
    The Administration on Aging (AoA) web site includes information designed for Older Americans and their families as well as those concerned about providing the opportunities and services to enrich the lives of older persons and support their independence.

  • Administration for Children & Families
    The Administration on Children, Youth and Families (ACYF) administers the major Federal programs that support: social services that promote the positive growth and development of children and youth and their families; protective services and shelter for children and youth in at-risk situations; child care for working families and families on public assistance; and adoption for children with special needs.

  • Bureau of the Census
    The Census Bureau web site is designed to enable intuitive use of their Internet offerings, so users need not to be familiar with the Census Bureau's internal organizational structure to effectively locate and use the resources the site has to offer.

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics
    The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is the principal fact-finding agency for the Federal Government in the broad field of labor economics and statistics. The BLS is an independent national statistical agency that collects, processes, analyzes, and disseminates essential statistical data to the American public, the U.S. Congress, other Federal agencies, State and local governments, business, and labor. The BLS also serves as a statistical resource to the Department of Labor.

  • Canadian Government Main Site
    Government of Canada Primary Internet Site (Canada Site) is the Internet electronic access point through which Internet users around the world can obtain information about Canada, its government and its services. Direct links are also provided from this site to government departments and agencies that have Internet facilities.

  • Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
    The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Programs (CFDA) is a government-wide compendium of all 1,381 Federal programs, projects, services, and activities that provide assistance or benefits to the American public. These programs provide grants, loans, loan guarantees, services, information, scholarships, training, insurance, etc.

  • Centers for Disease Control
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, is an agency of the Department of Health and Human Services. It's mission is to promote health and quality of life by preventing and controlling disease, injury, and disability. The site provides health news, publications, software, data and statistics, and information about funding and programs.

  • Child Support Enforcement
    Child Support Enforcement helps States locate absent parents, establish paternity, and enforce legal orders for support.

  • Corporation for National Service
    Information about volunteer opportunities, including VISTA, Americorps, Senior Corps, Learn and Serve America, and National Service Scholarships.

  • Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS)
    The Department of Health and Human Services is the United States government's principal agency for protecting the health of all Americans and providing essential human services, especially for those who are least able to help themselves. It is the largest grant-making agency in the federal government, providing some 60,000 grants per year. HHS' Medicare program is the nation's largest health insuror, handling more than 800 million claims per year.

  • Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities Internet Home Page
    The Empowerment Zone/Enterprise Communities Home Page is designed to promote the exchange of information about the Presidential Empowerment Initiative. Here you will find information about the purposes and organization of the Initiative and the Empowerment Zones, Enterprise Communities, and Champion Communities participating in the Initiative. In addition, the EZ/EC Home Page provides a toolbox of information to help communities develop and implement effective strategic plans for community and economic development.

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
    The Federal Emergency Management Agency -- FEMA -- is an independent agency of the federal government, reporting to the President. Founded in 1979, FEMA's mission is to reduce loss of life and property and protect our nation's critical infrastructure from all types of hazards through a comprehensive, risk-based, emergency management program of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.

  • The Federal Web Locator
    The Federal Web Locator is a service provided by the Villanova Center for Information Law and Policy and is intended to be the one stop shopping point for federal government information on the World Wide Web. This list is maintained to bring the cyber citizen to the federal government's doorstep.

  • FedWorld Information Network Home Page
    Access to thousands of U.S. Government web sites, more than a 1/2 million U.S. Government documents, databases and other information products.

  • Fiscal Year 1998 Budget
    The current Health and Human Services budget.

  • Government Information Sharing Project
    The Government Information Sharing Project was initiated with funding from the U.S. Department of Education and is administered at Oregon State University Libraries. The original goal of the Project was to demonstrate improved access to electronic government information, especially for remote users (such as rural Oregon residents) and the general public. Beginning in 1995, the Project developed World Wide Web access to a variety of federal statistical information issued on CD-ROM and distributed through the Federal Depository Library Program. Through the Web, the audience of the site has quickly become a national and international one, including libraries, community developers, small and large businesses, researchers, students, journalists, agencies, and many more.

  • Government Printing Office
    The Government Printing Office (GPO) prints, binds, and distributes the publications of the Congress as well as the executive departments and establishments of the Federal Government. Distribution is being accomplished on an increasing basis via various electronic media in accordance with Public Law 103-40, "The Government Printing Office Electronic Information Access Enhancement Act of 1993.''

  • Health Care Financing Administration
    The Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA), the federal agency that administers the Medicare, Medicaid and Child Health Insurance Programs. HCFA provides health insurance for over 74 million Americans through Medicare, Medicaid and Child Health. The majority of these individuals receive their benefits through the Fee-for-Service delivery system, however, an increasing number are choosing managed care plans. In addition to providing health insurance, HCFA also regulates all laboratory testing (except research) in the U.S. through the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) program.

  • healthfinder
    healthfinder is a gateway consumer health and human services information web site from the United States government. healthfinder can lead you to selected online publications, clearinghouses, databases, web sites, and support and self-help groups, as well as the government agencies and not-for-profit organizations that produce reliable information for the public. Launched in April 1997, healthfinder served Internet users over 1.7 million times in its first year online.

  • Health Resources and Services Administration
    The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) directs national health programs which improve the health of the Nation by assuring quality health care to underserved, vulnerable and special-need populations and by promoting appropriate health professions workforce capacity and practice, particularly in primary care and public health.

  • House of Representatives
    Contact your congressional representative the easy way!

  • Improving Services for Hispanics
    Hispanics are the fastest growing minority population in the U.S. and are predicted to be the largest minority group in the next 15 years. The adverse social conditions suffered by many Hispanics are severely challenging those institutions and service structures which struggle to provide and deliver quality services to Hispanic families and communities. HHS is mandated to work more closely with its partner institutions and organizations that serve the Hispanic community to better address their needs. As one of many efforts to meet this challenge, they have established the Hispanic Home Page to serve as a Departmental internet link for improving service delivery. The Hispanic Home Page features services provided by the Department that are of particular interest to the Hispanic community and organizations serving Hispanics.

  • Indian Health Service
    The Indian Health Service (IHS), an agency within the Department of Health and Human Services, is responsible for providing federal health services to American Indians and Alaska Natives. The provision of health services to members of federally-recognized tribes grew out of the special government-to-government relationship between the federal government and Indian tribes.

  • Library of Congress
    The Library of Congress mission is to make its resources available and useful to the Congress and the American people and to sustain and preserve a universal collection of knowledge and creativity for future generations. This World Wide Web site allows the Library of Congress to historical collections, their catalog, the text and images from major exhibitions, the THOMAS database of current and historical information on the U.S. Congress, a Learning Page for K-12 students and teachers, and much more.

  • Lousiana State University Library
    This page is a directory of U. S. Federal Government agencies as represented in the United States Government Manual. No annotations are provided. This index is for people who know where they want to go, but don't know the address. The index is searchable by keyword.

  • Maternal and Child Health Bureau
    The Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) is charged with the primary responsibility for promoting and improving the health of our Nation's mothers and children. It predecessor, the Children's Bureau, was established in 1912. In 1935, Congress enacted Title V of the Social Security Act, which authorized the Maternal and Child Health Services Programs--providing a foundation and structure for assuring the health of mothers and children now for more than 60 years. Today, Title V is administered by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau as part of the Health Resources and Services Administration, Public Health Service, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

  • Migrant Health Program
    The Migrant Health Program is a Federal grant program funded under Section 330g of the Public Health Service Act to provide primary health care services in medically underserved areas throughout the U.S. and its territories.

  • National Association of State Information Resource Executive's StateSearch
    StateSearch is a service of the National Association of State Information Resource Executives and is designed to serve as a topical clearinghouse to state government information on the Internet..

  • National Cancer Institute
    The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is a component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), one of eight agencies that compose the Public Health Service (PHS) in the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). The NCI, established under the National Cancer Act of 1937, is the Federal Government's principal agency for cancer research and training. The National Cancer Act of 1971 broadened the scope and responsibilities of the NCI and created the National Cancer Program. Over the years, legislative amendments have maintained the NCI authorities and responsibilities and added new information dissemination mandates as well as a requirement to assess the incorporation of state-of-the-art cancer treatments into clinical practice.

  • National Center for Education Statistics
    The Purpose of the Center is to collect and report "...statistics and information showing the condition and progress of education in the United States and other nations in order to promote and accelerate the improvement of American education."

  • National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information
    The National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information, NCADI, is the world's largest repository of information on substance abuse prevention and policy. Information on drug and alcohol abuse, alcoholism prevention, overdoses, addiction, and treatment is available in thousands of documents, searchable databases, statistics, press releases, public domain graphics, and interactive forums.

  • National Criminal Justice Reference Service
    The National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) is one of the most extensive sources of information on criminal and juvenile justice in the world, providing services to an international community of policymakers and professionals. NCJRS is a collection of clearinghouses supporting all bureaus of the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs: the National Institute of Justice, the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the Bureau of Justice Assistance, the Office for Victims of Crime, and the OJP Program Offices. It also supports the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

  • National Institute of Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism
    In 1970, the United States Congress recognized alcohol abuse and alcoholism as major public health problems and created the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) to combat them. The web site provides information about reports and publications available from the Institute, as well as access to the ETOH database.

  • National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
    The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development is part of the National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The NICHD conducts and supports laboratory, clinical and epidemiological research on the reproductive, neurobiologic, developmental, and behavioral processes that determine and maintain the health of children, adults, families and populations.

  • National Institute of Drug Abuse
    The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) supports over 85 percent of the world's research on the health aspects of drug abuse and addiction, ranging from the most fundamental and essential questions about drug abuse; the molecule to managed care, and from DNA to community outreach research. The NIDA web page is an important part of NIDA's effort to ensure the rapid and effective transfer of scientific data to policy makers, drug abuse practitioners, other health care practitioners and the general public.

  • National Institutes of Health
    The NIH mission is to uncover new knowledge that will lead to better health for everyone. NIH works toward that mission by: conducting research in its own laboratories; supporting the research of non-Federal scientists in universities, medical schools, hospitals, and research institutions throughout the country and abroad; helping in the training of research investigators; and fostering communication of biomedical information.

  • National Institute of Mental Health
    NIMH is the foremost mental health research organization in the world, with a mission of improving the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of mental disorders such as schizophrenia and depressive illnesses, and other conditions that affect millions of Americans, including children and adolescents. The web site provides information about mental health disorders, news and events, grants and contracts, and NIMH-sponsored research activities.

  • National Library of Medicine
    The NLM site provides individuals free access to MEDLINE for free. The visible human project and other offerings make this a "must browse" site.

  • Office of Population Affairs
    The Office of Population Affairs provides resources and policy advice on population, family planning, reproductive health, and adolescent pregnancy issues. OPA also administers two grant programs, the national Family Planning Program and the Adolescent Family Life Program.

  • Rural Housing Service
    The USDA Rural Housing Service has various programs available to aid in the development of rural America. Rural Housing programs are divided into three categories: Community Facilities (CF), Single Family Housing (SFH), and Multi-Family Housing (MFH). These programs were formerly operated by the Rural Development Administration and the Farmers Home Administration.

  • Senate Home Page
    Contact your Senators the easy way!!

  • Social Security Administration
    This site provides a wealth of information about the Social Security Administration, enabling users to better the negotiate the maze of services available.

  • Social Statistics Briefing Room
    The purpose of this service is to provide easy access to current Federal social statistics. It provides links to information produced by a number of Federal agencies. All of the information included in the Social Statistics Briefing Room is maintained and updated by the statistical units of those agencies. All the estimates for the indicators presented in the Federal Statistics Briefing Rooms are the most currently available values.

  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
    SAMHSA's mission is to assure that quality substance abuse and mental health services are available to the people who need them and to ensure that prevention and treatment knowledge is used more effectively in the general health care system.

  • Thomas - U.S. Congress on the Internet
    Current US Federal Legislative Information, including bills, laws, Congressional Record, reports, and links to further information.

  • Veterans Affairs
    The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) web site provides information on VA programs, veterans benefits, VA facilities worldwide, and VA medical automation software. The site serves several major constituencies including the veteran and his/her dependents, Veterans Service Organizations, the military, the general public, and VA employees around the world. Documents on the site are linked from their table of contents and searchable by keyword.

  • White House
    The Executive Branch of the United States Government. Even Socks has a page!

  • Yale University Library
    The Government Documents and Information Center of the Yale University Libraries exists to serve the Yale and surrounding communities with information from and about international and United State government sources.

  • YouthInfo
    YouthInfo is a web site developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to provide individuals with the latest information about America's adolescents. YouthInfo currently includes the following: a statistical profile of America's teenagers; the latest reports and publications about adolescents; information for parents of teens; speeches by federal officials on youth topics; links to youth-related websites at HHS, other federal agencies and private foundations and research organizations.


Professional Association Sites

  • Administrators in Academic Psychiatry
    Provides education and networking opportunities for administrators of psychiatric programs in academic settings.

  • Alliance for Psychosocial Nursing
    The APN is the primary organization for psychiatric and mental health nurses worldwide. The site serves as a resource and lobbying force for nurses and their patients and contains information about memberships and meetings, a job bank, online journal, and discussion areas.

  • American Association of Community Psychiatrists
    The AACP seeks to promote and maintain excellence in the care of patients through the organization of psychiatrists practicing community mental health on state, regional and national levels.

  • American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
    The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) is the professional association for the field of marriage and family therapy. We represent the professional interests of more than 23,000 marriage and family therapists throughout the United States, Canada and abroad.

  • American Association of Pastoral Counselors
    Pastoral Counseling is a mental health discipline that integrates psychotherapy and spirituality. Pastoral Counselors are mental health professionals who have received specialized graduate training in both religion and the behavioral sciences, and practice the integrated discipline of pastoral counseling. The American Association of Pastoral Counselors (AAPC) represents and sets professional standards for over 3,200 Pastoral Counselors and more than 100 pastoral counseling centers in the United States.

  • American Association of Psychiatric Administrators-New York Regional Chapter
    The mission of the AAPA is to promote and encourage interest, knowledge, and skills in administrative psychiatry.

  • American Association of Health Plans
    The American Association of Health Plans (AAHP), located in Washington, DC, represents more than 1,000 HMOs, PPOs and other network-based plans. AAHP's member companies are dedicated to a philosophy of health care that puts the patient-first; together they care for close to 140 million Americans nationwide.

  • American Association of State Social Work Boards
    The American Association of State Social Work Boards (AASSWB) is the association of state bodies that regulate social work. Incorporated in 1979 as an organization devoted to consumer protection, AASSWB membership now includes all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the Virgin Islands.

  • American Counseling Association
    The American Counseling Association is a not-for-profit, professional and educational organization that is dedicated to the growth and enhancement of the counseling profession.

  • American Medical Association
    Since its founding in 1847 by a group of physicians concerned about advancing the quality of medical education, science, and practice, the American Medical Association's core purpose has been to promote the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health.

  • American Medical Informatics Association
    AMIA is the premier association in the United States dedicated to the development and application of medical informatics in the support of patient care, teaching, research, and health care administration. AMIA's mission is to advance the public interest through charitable, scientific, literary, and educational activities.

  • American Mental Health Counselors
    AMHCA represents more than 70,000 licensed and certified mental health counselors nationwide. AMHCA members are on the cutting edge of community services and may be found in private practice, community mental health centers, psychiatric hospitals, managed care organizations (MCO's) and health maintenance organizations (HMO's).

  • American Psychiatric Association
    The American Psychiatric Association is a medical specialty society recognized world-wide. Its 40,500 U.S. and international physicians specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional illnesses and substance use disorders.

  • American Public Health Association
    The American Public Health Association (APHA) is the oldest and largest organization of public health professionals in the world, representing more than 50,000 members from over 50 occupations of public health.

  • Association for the Advancement of Social Work with Groups
    AASWG is an international professional organization that provides advocacy and action in support of social work group work practice, education, research, and publication.

  • Association of Baccalaureate Program Directors
    This professional association represents directors of baccalaureate social work programs accredited through the Council on Social Work Education.

  • Association for Behavior Analysis
    The Association for Behavior Analysis is dedicated to promoting the experimental, theoretical, and applied analysis of behavior. It encompasses contemporary scientific and social issues, theoretical advances, and the dissemination of professional and public information.

  • Association for Oncology Social Work
    A non-profit, international organization dedicated to the enhancement of psychosocial services to people with cancer and their families.

  • Australian Association of Social Work
    The objectives of the Australian Association of Social Workers Ltd are to promote the profession of social work, to provide an organisation through which social workers can develop a professional identity, to establish, monitor and improve practice standards, to contribute to the development of social work knowledge, to advocate on behalf of clients, and to actively support social structures and policies pursuant to the promotion of social justice.

  • British Association of Social Workers
    BASW is the largest organization of professional social workers in the United Kingdom. They speak on all issues which affect the professional standing of social work. Members come from a wide range of agencies in the Local Authority, Voluntary, Independent and Private sectors throughout the United Kingdom. BASW campaigns for improvements to legislation, for social justice and the quality of social work services and good practice.

  • California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
    CAMFT is an independent statewide professional organization representing the interests of California licensed and soon to be licensed marriage, family and child counselors. It is dedicated to advancing the profession as an art and a science, to maintaining high standards of professional ethics, to upgrading the qualifications for the profession and to expanding the recognition and awareness of the profession.

  • Clinical Social Work Federation
    The Clinical Social Work Federation is a confederation of 31 state societies for clinical social work. Their state societies are formed as voluntary associations for the purpose of promoting the highest standards of professional education and clinical practice. Each society is active with legislative advocacy and lobbying efforts for adequate and appropriate mental health services and coverage at their state and national levels of government.

  • Computer Use in Social Services Network
    The Computer Use in Social Services Network (CUSSN) is an informal association of professionals interested in exchanging information and experiences on using computers in the human services. It has been in existence since 1981.

  • Council on Social Work Education
    CSWE is a national association that preserves and enhances the quality of social work education for practice that promotes the goals of individual and community well-being and social justice. CSWE pursues this mission through setting and maintaining policy and program standards, accrediting bachelor's and master's degree programs in social work, promoting research and faculty development, and advocating for social work education.

  • Institute for Mental Health Initiatives
    Institute for Mental Health Initiatives (IMHI), a non-profit organization of mental health professionals, promotes emotional well-being in children, families, and their communities. It makes mental health research accessible to the media and the general public. IMHI builds bridges between clinicians and researchers in the field of mental health, the general public, and the members of the media.

  • International Association of Group Psychotherapy
    The purpose of the IAGP is to serve the development of group psychotherapy, as a field of practice, training, and scientific study, by means of international conferences, publications, and other forms of communication. The assumption is that there is mutual respect between representatives of differing theories and practices concerned with the use and study of group resources in psychotherapy and in dealing eith other human problems.

  • International Federation of Social Workers
    The International Federation of Social Workers is a successor to the International Permanent Secretariat of Social Workers, which was founded in Paris in 1928 and was active until the outbreak of World War II. It was not until 1950, at the time of the International Conference of Social Work in Paris, that the decision was made to create the International Federation of Social Workers, an international organization of professional social workers.

  • Irish Association of Social Workers
    The Irish Association of Social Workers (IASW) was founded in 1971. It is the national organization of professional social workers in the Republic of Ireland.

  • Mental Health in Corrections Consortium
    MHCC is dedicated to being a leading voice for mental health providers within the criminal justice system, primarily corrections, and providing the highest quality of training related to mental health issues within criminal justice.

  • National Association of Social Workers (NASW)
    NASW is the largest association of professional social workers in the United States. With 155,000 members in 55 chapters, NASW promotes, develops and protects the practice of social work and social workers. NASW also seeks to enhance the well-being of individuals, families, and communities through its work and through its advocacy.

  • National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors
    The National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors (NASMHPD) organizes to reflect and advocate for the collective interests of State Mental Health Authorities and their directors at the national level. NASMHPD analyzes trends in the delivery and financing of mental health services and builds and disseminates knowledge and experience reflecting the integration of public mental health programming in evolving healthcare environments.

  • National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare
    The National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare was founded in 1970 to implement a vision and set of beliefs through membership, advocacy and education. Through their work In the Public Interest, they advocate before the White House, Congress, and federal agencies to advance the interests of our members and the consumers that they serve.

  • National Coalition of Hispanic Health & Human Services Organizations
    COSSMHO is the sole organization focusing on the health, mental health, and human services needs of the diverse Hispanic communities. COSSMHO's membership consists of thousands of front-line health and human services providers and organizations serving Hispanic communities. The organization was founded in Los Angeles in 1973 as the Coalition of Spanish-Speaking Mental Health Organizations to represent and advocate for the mental health needs of Mexican American, Puerto Rican, Cuban American, Central American and South American communities in the United States.

  • National Institute for Social Work
    The National Institute for Social Work is the only independent national organization in the United Kingdom specializing exclusively in the personal social services. Founded over 30 years ago, the Institute is at the forefront of social work and social care, actively raising standards and promoting good practice in the public, independent and voluntary sectors.

  • Singapore Association of Social Workers
    The Singapore Association of Social Workers (SASW) was officially registered in Singapore in February 1971 as the single national association representing social workers. The Association arose from an amalgamation of 2 earlier professionals organizations, the Singapore Association of Medical Social Workers (founded in 1953) and the Singapore Association of Professional Social Workers (founded in October 1955).

  • Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care
    The Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care is an association, 1700 members strong, dedicated to promoting the universal availability, accessibility, coordination, and effective- ness of health care that addresses the psychosocial components of health and illness.

  • World Federation of Mental Health
    The World Federation for Mental Health is an international non-profit advocacy organization founded in 1948 to advance, among all peoples and nations, the prevention of mental and emotional disorders, the proper treatment and care of those with such disorders, and the promotion of mental health. The Federation achieves its goals through public education programs such as World Mental Health Day, research through collaborating centers at major universities, consultation to the United Nations and its specialized agencies, and a regional structure for organizing project work at the community level.


Electronic Journals and Newsletters

  • Advocate's Forum
    A social work journal managed by students at the University of Chicago. Its contents reflect the diversity of interests of social work students.

  • Age & Aging
    An international journal publishing refereed original articles and commissioned reviews on geriatric medicine and gerontology. Its range includes research on aging and clinical, epidemiological and psychological aspects of later life.

  • AIDS Book Review Journal
    An electronic journal reviewing books, videos, journal titles, and other materials covering AIDS, safer sex, sexually transmitted diseases, and other related materials, published irregularly by the University of Illinois at Chicago Library.

  • Alcohol Alert
    Alcohol Alert is a quarterly bulletin of the Institute of Alcohol Studies (UK).

  • Alcohol Alerts
    A quarterly bulletin of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism that disseminates important research findings on a single aspect of alcohol abuse and alcoholism.

  • American Journal on Addictions
    Contents of issues and abstracts of articles from AJA, an authoritative source of new information on drug abuse and the addictions.

  • American Medical Association Publishing
    Web editions of the AMA's Scientific Publications and American Medical News and links to condition-specific Web sites.

  • APA Addictions Newsletter
    An on-line publication of The American Psychological Association, Division 50.

  • APA Journals
    A listing of all journals published by the American Psychological Association.

  • APA Monitor
    The on-line edition of the official newspaper of the American Psychological Association.

  • American Psychiatric Press
    An overview of the publications of the American Psychiatric Press, Inc.

  • American Psychologist
    Tables of contents from the official journal of the American Psychological Association

  • Behavior Therapy
    Tables of contents and abstracts for a journal of the Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy.

  • BMJ
    An on-line journal of the British Medical Association.

  • Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science
    Abstracts and full-text versions of articles.

  • Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
    On-line journal featuring articles relevant to the treatment of children and adolescents.

  • Child and Family Social Work
    The journal aims to give international definition to the discipline and practice of child and family social work.

  • Child Maltreatment: Journal of the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children
    Child Maltreatment is the main APSAC vehicle for publishing longer and more in-depth analyses of theoretical, practice, and policy issues. In addition, CM is an outlet for high-quality original empirical research and reviews of the research literature.

  • Child Welfare Review
    An electronic journal for coverage of issues related to the well-being of children. It contains both links to articles related to child welfare and original articles.

  • The Chronicle of Philanthropy
    The Chronicle of Philanthropy is an important news source for charity leaders, fund raisers, grant makers, and other people involved in the philanthropic enterprise.

  • Cognitive & Behavioral Practice
    Another journal of the Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy.

  • Computers in Human Services
    Computers in Human Services is a journal dedicated to providing information about the use of computer-based information technologies in the human services. It is designed for practitioners as well as instructors.

  • Current Research in Social Psychology
    A peer reviewed, electronic journal covering all aspects of social psychology sponsored by the Center for the Study of Group Processes at the University of Iowa.

  • Electronic Journals and Periodicals in Psychology and Related Fields
    A regularly updated listing of psychology-relevant journals.

  • The Future of Children
    Produced by The Center for the Future of Children, The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, The Future of Children is published three times a year and (mostly) reproduced on this site. Links to previous editions are available.

  • Harvard Mental Health Letter
    Selected articles from the publication.

  • Hunger Notes
    Hunger Notes is an on-line journal which is sponsored by the World Hunger Education Service.

  • Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis
    Abstracts and tables of contents.

  • Journal of Behavior Analysis & Therapy
    The first web-based, refereed journal of basic and applied behavioral science.

  • Journal of Children and Poverty
    The Journal of Children and Poverty is a publication of the Institute for Children and Poverty, the research and training division of Homes for the Homeless. It offers a forum for the presentation of research and policy initiatives in the areas of education, social services, public policy, and welfare reform as they affect children, youth and families in poverty.

  • Journal of Cognitive Rehabilitation
    A specialized on-line magazine containing general interest articles, personal experience articles, research reports and computerized therapy exercises related to brain injury, head injury, and strokes.

  • Journal of Mind and Behavior
    Journal related to cross-causal understanding of cognition and behavior. Contents and abstracts of articles in past issues.

  • Journal of Poverty
    The Journal of Poverty: Innovations on Social, Political & Economic Inequalities is the first refereed journal designed to provide a focused outlet for discourse on poverty and inequality.

  • Journal of Social Work Practice
    Journal devoted to social work practice from a psychodynamic perspective. Contents and abstracts of articles in past issues.

  • Journal of Statistics Education
    The Journal of Statistics Education is a refereed electronic journal on postsecondary teaching of statistics. The site offers full text of articles on line.

  • Links to Psychological Journals
    An index of more than 1000 links to psychology and social science journal sites ordered by journal name.

  • Lippincott's Nursing Center
    The American Journal of Nursing was the first U.S. nursing publication to make a home on the World Wide Web. It has recently launched Lippincott's NursingCenter, which features full-text continuing education articles as well as tables of contents from the current AJN, summaries of articles, and links to sites for other nursing journals.

  • Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
    Data based on weekly reports to the Centers for Disease Control by state health departments.

  • The New Social Worker
    The New Social Worker is the only national magazine devoted to social work students and recent graduates. This Web site presents the on-line version of the magazine, and presents links to employment resources.

  • NIH Record
    The NIH Record is the biweekly newsletter for employees of the National Institutes of Health.

  • Philanthropy News Digest
    The Foundation Center publishes electronically its Philanthropy News Digest every week, highlighting philanthropy-related news from other print and electronic periodicals nationwide.

  • Psychiatric Times
    Full text of news and clinical articles for psychiatrists, allied mental health professionals and primary care physicians who treat mental disorders.

  • Psychiatry on Line
    Current contents and more from the International Journal of Psychiatry.

  • Psychotherapy Finances & Managed Care Strategies
    News related to financing for psychotherapy and managed care.

  • Prevention Pipeline
    On-line publication of the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information.

  • Professional Digest
    Publication of the British Association of Social Workers containing non-critical listing and description of research reports and journal articles in social work.

    A refereed electronic journal dedicated to supporting the interdisciplinary exploration of the nature of consciousness and its relation to the brain.

  • Psychological Science Agenda
    The newsletter of the American Psychological Association Science Directorate.

  • Psycoloquy
    A refereed international, interdisciplinary electronic journal sponsored by the American Psychological Association (APA), publishing target articles and peer commentary in all areas of psychology as well as cognitive science, neuroscience, behavioral biology, artificial intelligence, robotics/vision, linguistics and philosophy.

  • Qualitative Report
    An online journal dedicated to qualitative research and critical inquiry.

  • Social Research Update
    A quarterly publication by the Department of Sociology, University of Surrey, England. Each issue cover s one topic in sufficient depth to indicate the main directions of recent developments and provide a bibliography for further reading.

  • Social Service Review
    Contents and author notes from one of the premier journals in social work.

  • Sociological Research Online
    On-line journal which publishes peer reviewed articles applying sociological analysis to a wide range of topics.

  • Standards: An International Journal of Multicultural Studies
    An on-line publication featuring art, fiction, and scholarly essays relating to multicultural studies.

  • The Journal
    Selected articles from print publication which provides news of interest to addictions professionals and those in related fields.


Social Work Areas of Practice Sites


  • Action Without Borders
    Organization with an aim to create a global network of community-based centers that will link, serve, and strengthen individuals and organizations working to build a better world.

  • A School's Guide to Getting On-Line
    While prepared for schools, "A School's Guide to Getting On-Line" contains good information for any organization.

  • Aspen Institute
    This site offers information on the activities and programs of the Aspen Institute in the US and in Germany, France, Italy and Japan. The Aspen institute is dedicated to the development of leadership in the nonprofit sector.

  • Best Practices Toolkit
    This is a list of Internet and other resources aimed at helping nonprofits make better use of information and communications technologies in their work.

  • Charity and Community Service
    EINet Galaxy hosts an array of pointers to information on the Internet including nonprofits in their Community section.

  • Council on Foundations
    Features information on the Council, which is dedicated to assisting grantmakers become more effective funders and to supporting the growth of organized philanthropy.

  • Deutsches Spendeninstitut Krefeld
    The German Charities Institute provides 13.000 pages on philanthropy and volunteering in Germany and worldwide. This URL is for the English language edition.

  • Donors Forum of Chicago
    offers the 1994 version of the Donor's Forum Philanthropic Database, a foundation grants database that is searchable by foundation, by beneficiary type, by grant purpose, by support type, and by recipient.

  • Foundation Center
    A nonprofit information clearinghouse, providing information on foundations and corporate giving. The Center's site includes information on the Center, its libraries, seminars and publications. The site also features grantmaker information (including links to grantmaker Web sites), a searchable database of philanthropy-related articles, and a section on the fundraising process, including a proposal writing short course.

  • GuideStar
    Information on the programs and finances of more than 600,000 American Nonprofits, up-to-date news stories and features on philanthropy, and a forum for donors and volunteers.

  • Impact Online
    A new organization that encourages community involvement by offering information on the web about nonprofits with additional components for fundraising and volunteering.

  • Independent Sector
    Presents the various aspects of Independent Sector, a national coalition of voluntary organizations, foundations, and corporate giving programs, including information on Independent Sector's advocacy, research and leadership programs.

  • Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Library
    Pointers to a variety of resources from this library.

  • Information for Nonprofits
    Home of the FAQ for soc.org.nonprofit and a number of other resources. The extensive FAQ answers many of the common questions about nonprofit, from starting them to raising funds to using the Internet.

  • Internet Nonprofit Center
    The site features the Nonprofit Locater, offering access to the IRS' Business Master File, which provides information on each charity in the Business Master File, including assets and revenues. The Center's site also offers a library of publications on nonprofits, a feature on the Top 40 Charities, and information on evaluating nonprofits and standards in philanthropy.

  • Introducing New Technology Successfully into an Agency
    Introducing computers to your agency, or upgrading software or hardware your agency uses, will change the way you access and manage information -- for the better, you hope. But without realistic expectations and a thoughtful strategy, a new system can create as many problems as it is supposed to solve. This tip sheet can help.

  • The Management Center
    Helps nonprofit organizations manage better by providing consulting services in Northern California, conducting workshops and programs for professionals and board member, and producing a nonprofit job listing and an annual compensation survey.

  • Math Forum Internet Collection - nonprofits
    The Math Forum is an National Science Foundation-funded project housed at Swarthmore College.

  • National Center For Nonprofit Boards
    provides information on NCNB's activities, including its training, education, and consulting services for nonprofit Boards, as well as NCNB's National Leadership Forum. The site also features a catalog of materials on nonprofit governance published by the NCNB, and also includes a Board Information Center which provides answers and information on nonprofit governance.

  • National Opportunity NOCs
    A resource for nonprofit jobs and employment opportunities. Job seekers can conduct free searches through our large database of available nonprofit jobs on-line, while nonprofit organizations can post help wanted classified ads for job openings on-line. The site also features a career center, nonprofit library and additional nonprofit employment resources.

  • NGOnet - Central and Eastern Europe
    NGONet has been created to provide information to, for and about non-governmental organizations (NGOs) active in Central and Eastern Europe.

  • Nonprofit Cyber-Accountability
    Offers the Cyber-Accountability listserv, an ongoing discussion on the nonprofit world and the use of information technology. The site also provides information on the National Accountability Research Project at the Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York, as well as links to other sites which contain information on nonprofits.

  • The Non-Profit Internet Handbook
    The Non-Profit Internet Handbook is for non-profit organizations that want to get the most out of the Internet. It is a valuable resource for non-profit organization executive staff, board members, those who fund non-profit organizations, and those who contribute time and money to non-profit organizations.

  • Nonprofit Managers' Library
    The Nonprofit Managers' Library facilitates sharing of free, on-line and how-to management resources among nonprofits -- including, fundraising and grantwriting, marketing and public relations, using the Internet, and evaluation. The library is administered by The Management Assistance Program (MAP) for Nonprofits in St. Paul, Minnesota.

  • Nonprofit Partners Virtual Bookstore
    Publications for executives, staff, & volunteers of charities, colleges & all fundraising organizations. Books & disks on development, fundraising, capital campaigns, planned giving, marketing, nonprofit management, leadership, grant writing & consulting.

  • Paradigms
    A virtual posting board for the nonprofit community providing an online forum to nonprofit projects, an exchange of innovations and revolutionary project strategies, and a directory of project models.

  • Philanthropy Journal Online
    The Web site has extensive resources with alerts and links to many nonprofit sites, including a Meta-Index comprehensive text list of resources on the Internet of interest to nonprofits.

    Resources for social and economic development; pointers to many resources created by Dr. Richard J. Estes at the University of Pennsylvania.

  • United Kingdom Charities
    Catalogue of United Kingdom charities and charitable trusts on the Web.

  • Urban Institute
    Provides information on the activities of the Institute and its research and policy centers, and programs. The site also presents information on the Center on Nonprofits and the National Center on Charitable Statistics.



  • Administration on Aging
    Information about the Administration on Aging and its programs for the elderly, information about resources for practitioners who serve the aged, statistical information on the aging, and information for consumers (older persons and their families) including how to obtain services for senior citizens and electronic booklets on aging related issues. It also includes a link to AoA's National Aging Information Center and extensive links to other aging related Web resources.

  • Alzheimer's Association
    The home page of the Alzheimer's association in the United States. Contains information about chapters, caregiver resources, medical information, public policy, and links to other resources.

  • Alzheimer's Association Victoria
    The Australian counterpart of the above.

  • Alzheimer's disease resource page
    Hosted by Case Western Reserve University, this page provides information on Alzheimer's Disease, for caregivers, practitioners, a researchers, and the general web-surfing public.

  • Alzheimer's Disease Web Page
    From the Bedford Geriatric Research Education Clinical Center in Bedford, Massachusetts, this site provides Alzheimer resources for families, caregivers, Investigators and others interested in Alzheimer's Disease.

  • The ALZHEIMER Page
    A service of the Washington University (St. Louis) Alzheimer's Disease Research Center, this page provides links to just about everything you'd want to know about Alzheimer's disease, and in letters so big that you won't need your glasses.

  • Alzheimer Web Home Page
    An Australian page which aims to provide a resource for researchers in the field of Alzheimer's disease and for the people who have an interest in research developments. This page hosts a web-based chat for real-time conversations with others interested in Alzheimer's.

    ANSWERS is a magazine for adult children of aging parents and is written for anyone facing the questions, issues, and concerns from having an aging parent. The site provides tables of contents for recent issues and full text of selected articles.

  • APA Division 20
    The home page of Division 20 of the American Psychological Association (Adult Development and Aging). This site provides information about the mission of Division 20, research and employment opportunities, pre- and post-doctoral programs of study in adult development and aging, instructional resources for teachers of adult development and aging, directory of members, contact information for specific laboratories/centers and institutes, and a Resource Guide for Clinicians.

  • Association for Gerontology Education in Social Work: AGE-SW
    Provides information about the organization, gerontology-related resources, and highlights from AGEnda, the AGE-SW newsletter.

  • Boston University Gerontology Center
    Provides information about the center, its Summer Institute, and Internet resources for gerontologists.

  • Center for Aging, Kansas State University
    Highlights the activities of the center, including the National Resource and Policy Center on Rural Long-Term Care.

  • Department of Community Services - London Senior's Division
    City of London, Ontario's resource page for services for seniors.

  • DeathNET
    Specializes in information concerning: euthanasia, suicide, assisted suicide, living wills, patient's rights, terminal illnesses such as ALS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, AIDS, heart disease, among others; hospice care, palliative care; "right to die" legislation; "self-deliverance"; and other aspects of death and dying. also houses archives of Dr. Jack Kevorkian; Derek Humphry, right to die and dying with dignity themes.

  • Family Caregiver Alliance
    Information about the Family Caregiver Alliance, resource centers in California, caregiver tips, statistics and research, public policy, information about educational programs and conferences, publications, and more.

  • Gerontology at Universidad de Salamanca
    Access to Spanish-language gerontology resources from Salamanca University in Spain.

  • Geropsychology Central
    Devoted to the study of the neurological, psychological, sociological aspects of the aging process. Designed for the gerontological professional, seniors, and caregivers, features and links are topically organized for quick reference.

  • Grand Times
    An on-line magazine for active retirees.

  • Michigan Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
    Provides information about the activities of the MADRC, their research projects, publications, programs for patients and families, and links to other Alzheimer's centers and programs and resources.

  • Multidisciplinary Education in Geriatrics & Aging
    Web-based course in aging for clinicians. Excellent resource!

  • The National Aging Information Center
    This site makes available NAIC databases containing copies of reports of AoA-supported research, demonstration, and training projects, other related publications and materials on aging, copies of statistical data on the demographic, health, social, and economic status of the elderly; the services provided to older individuals; and reports on the analyses of these data.

  • National Council on Aging
    An association of more than 7,500 members who work with, for, and on behalf of older persons. The organization is devoted "to promoting the dignity, self-determination, well-being, and contributions of older persons and to enhancing the field of aging through leadership and service, education, and advocacy..."

  • Senior Net
    SeniorNet is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to build a community of computer-using senior citizens. The site contains all kinds of information for and about seniors, instructional information on computing, and message boards and chat to enable seniors to contact each other.

  • Seniors Computer Information Project
    SCIP is a highly acclaimed guide for retirees, seniors and older adults to Manitoba, Canada and world-wide information and services. It contains an easy-to-use searchable index for information on the site.

  • Senior Sites
    This site may be the most comprehensive web source of non-profit housing and services for seniors. With over 5000 listed communities, Senior Sites is a valuable resource for seniors and their families interested in exploring the non-profit housing option.

  • The University of Georgia Gerontology Center
    Highlights the activities of the center, and provides links to other resources, including aging-related grants information.


Children, Adolescents, and Families

  • Adolescent Directory On-Line
    Adolescence Directory On-Line (ADOL) is an electronic guide to information on adolescent issues. It is a service of the Center for Adolescent Studies at Indiana University. Educators, counselors, parents, researchers, health practitioners, and teens can use ADOL to find Web resources on conflict and violence, mental health issues, health issues, counselor resources, and even help with homework.

  • American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
    AACAP is a dynamic organization, giving direction to and responding quickly to new developments in health care, and addressing the needs of children, adolescents and families. Resources are provided to educate parents and families about psychiatric disorders affecting children and adolescents.

  • Casa de los Ninos
    The mission of Casa de los Niños is the prevention, intervention, & treatment of child abuse and neglect by providing: residential shelter care for children who are abused, neglected, or homeless; supportive counseling to families; and community education. The web site features information about the organization, child abuse statistics, information for parents, and links to related resources.

  • Center for Adolescent Studies
    The Center for Adolescent Studies at Indiana University focuses on meeting the social and emotional growth and development needs of adolescents through providing support to adults working with youth, investigating current social issues and providing tools for teens to learn and practice new, healthy behaviors. Links are provided to Center programs, which include research projects, support for teachers, and a computer-based decision aide to help schools select the drug prevention program most likely to meet their needs.

  • Child Welfare
    Provides a gateway to information related to the welfare of children, and an electronic journal, Child Welfare Review, a Library, a resource on issues related to sources on child welfare. It also features a directory of email addresses for social work faculty.

  • Child Welfare League of America
    The Child Welfare League of America is the nation's oldest and largest organization devoted entirely to the well-being of America's vulnerable children and their families. The site provides information about the CWLA, advocacy tips, action alerts, and child welfare statistics.

  • Children Now
    Children Now is a nonpartisan, independent voice for children, working to translate the nation's commitment to children and families into action. The site provides access to Children Now publications, poll results, policy papers, press materials, action updates on federal and state legislation, and links to other Web sites devoted to children's issues. Users who subscribe to Children Now's Internet Digest receive on-line updates on children's issues.

  • Children's Defense Fund
    The Children's Defense Fund exists to provide a strong and effective voice for all the children of America, who cannot vote, lobby, or speak for themselves. The site provides information about the activities of the CDF, issues, news and reports, the Black Community Crusade for Children, Stand for Children, and links to related resources.

  • Family.Com
    From Disney Online, Family.com is a service for parents offering comprehensive, high-quality, customizable information for raising children. Glitzy, but worth a visit.

  • National Four-H Council
    National 4-H Council is a not-for-profit educational organization devoted to creating exciting programs and opportunities for young people. The site presents information about the organization and its activities.

  • National Parent Information Network
    The purpose of NPIN is to provide information to parents and those who work with parents and to foster the exchange of parenting materials.

  • National Youth Center Network
    An annotated list of online resources for youth organizations. Topics include the environment, family/parents/caregivers, health, human resources/services, institutions/museums, k-12 general, mathematics, networks, science, and special education/special needs.

  • Nidra King Center (Save the Children)
    The Nidra King Center (Save the Children) is a non-profit agency in Minneapolis which works with inner city residents and families in an ongoing effort to equip them with the keys necessary to improve their quality of life. The site features information about their programming, history, educational resources, and links to related pages.

    The first parenting community on the web. Provides parenting literature, advice columns, chat, bulletin boards, and shopping.

  • Centre for Residential Child Care
    The Centre is a resource and information point for all people working in and alongside residential child care services in Scotland. The site provides information about the center, its publications, conferences, consultation, training, and useful links.

  • Save the Children Foundation
    As the UK's leading international children's charity, Save the Children is committed to fighting poverty and discrimination, protecting children from the fall-out of war and famine, and defending the rights of children everywhere. The site provides information about SCF's work in Central Africa, Savvy - a free electronic newsletter for young people, and resources for teaching and research.

  • State of the World's Children --1996
    UNICEF's 50th anniversary site presents a snapshot of the world's children in 1996, including children in war, statistical tables, regional spotlights, and references.

  • Touchstone Support Network
    Touchstone Support Network is a non-profit, non-sectarian, completely autonomous volunteer organization that provides emotional and practical support services for children with chronic or life-threatening illnesses. The Web site features information about the Network's services and links to related sites.

  • YouthNet
    This UK site provides a wealth of information for youths about everything ranging from relationships to housing, and with links to virtually any subject which conceivably could be of interest to adolescents.

  • YO! Youth Outlook
    YO! (YOUTH OUTLOOK) is a bi-monthly news-journal of youth culture produced by young people in the San Francisco Bay Area for Pacific News Service. The Web page features selected contents.

  • Youth and Children Resources Net
    Maintained by the National Children's Coalition with sponsorship from Streetcats Foundation, this page aspires to be a megasite. It provides links to news, information, resources and referrals for and about kids and teens on the World Wide Web.


Clinical Social Work Practice

  • APsa: The American Psychoanalytic Association
    Home Page of The American Psychoanalytic Association.

  • Behavior Analysis
    The main purpose of this home page is to provide a low-response cost outlet to some of the interesting things that are available on the Internet relating to behavior analysis.

  • Behaviour Analysis
    Maintained by Athabasca University, this is believed to be the largest list of web-based behavior-analysis resources on the internet.

  • Behavior OnLine
    Behavior OnLine aspires to be the meeting place online for Mental Health and Applied Behavioral Science professionals. It hosts ongoing discussions on a variety of therapeutic approaches and provides links to organizations and interests groups and to other resources.

  • Cognitive Therapy
    MindStreet is a multimedia learning program which uses full-screen, full-motion video and consists of 5-8 hours of computer-assisted psychotherapy, plus a take-home manual with customized homework assignments for each patient. The program utilizes cognitive strategies for treating depression.

  • Counseling Center - University at Buffalo
    The Counseling Center Self-Help Home Page presents a wide selection of documents, Internet resources, referrals, and reading lists, all to help students with day-to-day stresses and difficult periods in their lives.

  • FreudNet: The A.A. Brill Library
    This server provides access to information about library services and the collection, as well as general information about psychoanalysis within the New York area and around the country.

  • Freud's Interpretation of Dreams
    A hypertext version of Sigmund's famous opus.

  • Gestalt Therapy
    The Gestalt Therapy Page, the Internet resource center for Gestalt therapy, includes a world-wide directory of Gestalt therapists, a Gestalt bibliography, a News at Notes bulletin board, and articles relating to Gestalt therapy.

  • Human Services Resource Center
    The Human Services Resource Center is an outgrowth of the Electronic Mailing Lists which are hosted at St. John's University. There are more than 750 such lists which send messages per day to 183,000 subscribers. The preponderance of these lists deals with Education, Psychology, Disability and Support, as well as Social Cultural, and Entertainment, and a Virtual Press with 20 electronic publications.

  • The National Institute for the Psychotherapies
    The National Institute for the Psychotherapies (NIP) training programs enhance the capacity of mental health professionals to treat child, adolescent and adult clients. The training reflects a unique commitment to draw on a wide range of theories of psychotherapy, to support the integration of existing treatment modalities, and to develop new treatment approaches.

  • NetPsych.com
    This site explores the new uses of the Internet to deliver Psychological and Healthcare Services. NetPsych is the first site to focus exclusively on online resources. "HUH?" is my favorite button.

  • Psychoanalysis and the Public Sphere
    Psychoanalysis and the Public Sphere has provided a unique 'home' for psychoanalytically orientated practitioners and theorists to develop a critical understanding of various elements of the public world. This web site features articles and papers on the topic, as well as information about related conferences.

  • Psychotherapy on the Internet
    This web site is intended as a guide to the understanding the "how" and "why" of psychotherapy services being offered, wholly and in part, on the Internet. It provides an extensive reading list of online resources, journals and books. There is also a discussion area and guest book for those who want to comment, discuss, or ask questions.

  • Support Coalition: Human Rights & Psychiatry Home Page
    The Support Coalition is dedicated to exposing human rights abuses by the psychiatry profession.


Community Organization

  • Campus Outreach Opportunity League
    Founded in 1984, the Campus Outreach Opportunity League (COOL) is a national non-profit that helps college students start, strengthen, and expand their community service programs.

  • The Center for Civic Networking
    The Center for Civic Networking (CCN) is a non-profit organization dedicated to applying information infrastructure to the broad public good - particularly by putting information infrastructure to work within local communities to improve delivery of local government services, improving access to information that people need in order to function as informed citizens, broadening citizen participation in governance, and stimulating economic and community development. Among the topics covered on the site are issues related to community building on the Internet and Internet access for the poor.

  • CivicNet
    The Center for Civic Networking promotes best practices and policies that foster the public use of information infrastructure for community economic development, social service delivery and participation in governance.

  • The Community Builders Fellowship
    A program of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, in partnership with Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government, the purpose of the Community Builders Fellowship program to educate and train individuals from diverse professions as Community Builders. As Community Builders, individuals can obtain practical, hands-on experience in community and economic development during a two-to-four year stay with HUD.

  • Community Networking Resources
    This site offers links to a variety of Internet resources related to Internet access and community-building.

  • Community Networks: an Online Guide to Resources
    This Web site is a compilation of references, links, and publications related to a variety of networked information infrastructures.

  • HandsNet
    HandsNet is a national, nonprofit organization that promotes information sharing, cross-sector collaboration and advocacy among individuals and organizations working on a broad range of public interest issues.

  • How to Use the Internet for Organizing
    Martin Kelley, of The Nonviolence Web, has compiled "How to Use the Internet for Organizing" that can be useful to almost any organization.

  • The Human SERVE Home Page
    This site reports on the Campaign for Universal Voter Registration, and offers statistical information related to voter registration, community organization manuals, and reports on legal challenges to the motor/voter bill.

  • Idealist
    Idealist is a fully interactive system that enables any nonprofit or community organization - whether it has a Website or not - to enter and update detailed information about its services, volunteer opportunities, internships, job openings, upcoming events, and any material or publication it has produced. 14,000 organizations in 125 countries are already using Idealist.

  • National Urban League
    The mission of the National Urban League is to assist African Americans in the achievement of social and economic equality. The Board of Trustees of the National Urban League and all of its affiliates reflect a diverse body of community, government, and corporate leaders. The League implements its mission through advocacy, bridge building, program services and research.

  • Neighborhoods Online
    Neighborhoods Online was created in 1995 by the Institute for the Study of Civic Values and Philadelphia's LibertyNet as an online resource center for people working to build strong communities throughout the United States. Their aim is to provide fast access to information and ideas covering all aspects of neighborhood revitalization, as well as to create a national network of neighborhood activists. The site offers information related to community development, education, crime, jobs, environment, health and human services.

  • NetAction Internet Resources
    This is a wonderful list of annotated links. Virtually everything you need to know to be a community activist using the Internet.

  • Nurturing Neighborhood Nets
    Interesting article about how providing free access to computer networking can extend the pleasures and benefits of the Net to people living in poor communities. Provides links to several community organization efforts utilizing Internet resources.

  • People-Link
    People Link provides integrated communications to the progressive, socially responsible business, and organized labor communities. The site offers progressive and alternative news media, labor union sites and information, links to socially responsible businesses, information on environmental issues, left wing activities, women, gays and lesbians, people of color, and progressive arts.

  • Social Contract Project
    Through the Social Contract Project, the Institute for the Study of Civic Values has developed a new way for neighborhood activists, business leaders, and public officials to develop comprehensive plans for neighborhood improvement. These stakeholders negotiate an explicit social contract defining how they will work together to make the neighborhood is clean, safe, economically viable, and a decent place to raise children. The site details the work of the project.

  • Toronto Coalition Against Racism
    TCAR is a coalition of over 50 community based anti-racist and social justice organizations. The site offers position statements on a variety of topics and links to related sites.

  • Zero Population Growth
    ZPG is the nation's largest grassroots organization concerned with the impacts of rapid population growth and wasteful consumption. The site offers information about the activities of the organization, including curriculum information and legislative updates.



  • Ability
    Ability is a grassroots organization in the UK which is dedicated to utilizing computer technology and the Internet for people with disabilities. The site offers access to disability and health resources, social contacts, message boards, classified ads, and news.

  • Able-Together
    ABLE-TOGETHER is a quarterly international newsletter for bisexual and gay men with and without disabilities. The site offers links to Web sites on disability and sexuality.

  • Active Living Alliance
    The Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability is a partnership of 17 National Associations whose common goal is to facilitate active living opportunities for Canadians with a disability. Information about the alliance, news, and links to related resources are offered.

  • ADA Information Center On-Line Website
    Sponsored by the Kansas Commission on Disability Concerns, this site offers a wealth of information and resources for people with disabilities in Kansas, nationally and internationally.

  • American Council for the Blind
    This site offers information about the activities of the organization, recent issues of its monthly publications, and helpful resources and information about blindness.

  • American Foundation for the Blind
    Information about the AFB, the Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness, the AFB Press Catalog, the Helen Keller photograph collection, and information on blindness, low vision and related issues.

  • The Archimedes Project
    The mission of the Archimedes Project is to help secure equality of access to information for individuals with disabilities through the development of computer technology and the promulgation of knowledge about disability to present and future designers in academia and industry.

  • The ARC
    The Arc (formerly Association for Retarded Citizens of the United States) is the country's largest voluntary organization committed to the welfare of all children and adults with mental retardation and their families.

  • Associated Services for the Blind
    This site offers information about the organization's services and information about subscribing to popular national magazines on cassette. The Web site is offered in an all audio version.

  • Better Life On-Line Catalog
    Better Life On-Line Catalog provides a single point central library to locate products and services available, for independent living, home healthcare, disabilities and general fitness.

  • Blind Children's' Center
    The Blind Children's Center is a family-centered agency which serves children with visual impairments from birth to school age. The site offers information about their services, publications, and research.

  • The Center for Independent Living
    The Center for Independent Living (CIL) is a national leader in helping people with disabilities live independently and become productive, fully participating members of society.

  • Central Institute for the Deaf
    CID is an independent, private, not-for-profit institute centered on the effects of hearing impairment. It is located on the medical school campus of Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

  • Crotched Mountain Foundation
    Crotched Mountain offers a number of programs and services for the frail elderly and for adults with disabilities in New Hampshire, Maine, and New York.

  • Deaf Queer Resource Center
    DQRC is a national non-profit information center. Considered to be "the place" to find comprehensive and accurate information about the Deaf queer community.

  • disABILITY Information and Resources
    One of the largest collections of resources for all types of disabilities.

  • Disability Net
    This site offers an impressive array of disability information resources for the UK.

  • Disabled Peoples' International
    The purpose of DPI is to promote the Human Rights of People with Disabilities through full participation, equalization of opportunity and development. DPI is a grassroots, cross-disability network with member organizations in over 110 countries, over half of which are in the developing world. DPI is administrated through the headquarters in Winnipeg, Canada and through eight Regional Development Offices. DPI has consultative status with the ECOSOC, UNESCO, WHO, and the ILO, and has official observer status at the United Nations General Assembly.

  • Down Syndrome WWW Page
    A support and information page for parents, professionals and others interested in Down syndrome.

  • Dyslexia Archive
    The Dyslexia Archive is an ever growing collection of up-to-date material covering all aspects of dyslexia.

  • Electronic Rehabilitation Resource Web Site
    This is a vast repository of information about handicaps and rehabilitation. Major areas include Papers and Publications, databases of Assistive and Adaptive Devices, listings of Support Organizations, and Funding Sources. Most databases are searchable by keyword.

  • ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education
    ERIC EC is part of the National Library of Education (NLE), Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education. It is operated by The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC). ERIC EC provides information on the education of individuals with disabilities as well as those who are gifted.

  • Gallaudet Research Institute
    Gallaudet University is the world's only four-year university for deaf and hard of hearing undergraduate students. The Gallaudet Research Institute specializes in research about the deaf.

  • Hattie Larlham Foundation
    HLF is a private, non-profit service agency for young people with mental retardation, developmental disabilities and/or complex medical needs. The Web site is offered as a service for the families of children with profound disabilities, professionals who work with children having disabilities and anyone who wishes to learn more.

  • Hearing Loss Resources
    The SayWhatClub sponsors the Hearing Loss Resources web site. Internet Mailing lists and non-profit organizations that focus on the issue of hearing loss are featured.

  • Language Based Learning Disability
    The University of California at San Francisco offers this site as a compendium of information on resources for the remediation of language-based disabilities.

  • National Federation of the Blind
    The goal of the NFB involves the removal of legal, economic, and social discriminations; the education of the public to new concepts concerning blindness; and the achievement by all blind people of the right to exercise to the fullest their individual talents and capacities.

  • National Institute for Life Planning
    NILP is a national organization dedicated to promoting transition, life and person centered planning for all persons with disabilities and their families. The site provides families with information on government benefits, advocacy, guardianship, aging, housing, and supported employment.

  • National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
    The Library of Congress a free library program of Braille and recorded materials circulated to eligible borrowers through a network of cooperating libraries. This Web site offers access to online catalogs of holdings.

  • National Technical Institute for the Deaf
    One of the seven colleges of the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), NTID is the world's first and largest technological college for deaf students. It represents the first concerted effort to educate large numbers of deaf students within a college campus planned principally for hearing students.

  • Northamptonshire People First
    People First is an organization run by and for people with disabilities. This is the Northamptonshire (UK) Chapter's site. It offers links to other People First and related groups.

  • Panhellenic Association for the Blind
    This organization advocates for the blind in Greece.

  • Royal National Institute for the Blind
    RNIB is the leading charity working for blind and partially sighted people throughout the United Kingdom.

  • Shriver Center
    The Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center for Mental Retardation, Inc. is a not-for-profit service, training and research institute. The site offers information about their research, training, and services divisions.

  • Values into Action
    VIA is a non-profit organization which works to promote the rights of people with learning difficulties. The site offers information to promote the civil rights of people with disabilities.

  • World Disability Resources Directory
    This German site brings together a wealth of Internet resources related to cognitive, hearing, physical, and vision disabilities.

  • World Information on Disability
    This is a Japanese site which pulls together a variety of resources on disabilities.



  • The African World Community Network
    Links to Afrocentric resources around the Internet.

  • Asian American Resources
    Provides a variety of links to Internet resources about Asian Americans.

  • Asian Studies WWW Monitor
    This online newsletter was established to provide resources which are inspected and rated in terms of the quality, overall reliability and usefulness of their content to the social sciences' research in Asia-Pacific region.

  • The Amistad Research Center
    An independent archives, library, & museum dedicated to preserving African-American & ethnic history and culture, housed at Tulane University.

  • The African American Home Page
    Links to African American resources, including one of the largest collections of African American art on the Internet. Also includes recipes, bulletin boards, library resources, and links to related sites.

  • The Chicano/Latino Electronic Network
    CLNet is an emerging digital library on Latinas/os in the United States and a joint project of the Center for Virtual Research in the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences at the UC Riverside, the Chicano Studies Research Library at UCLA and the Linguistic Minority Research Institute at the UC Santa Barbara.

  • The Cradleboard Teaching Project
    Founded by Buffy Sainte-Marie, the Nihewan Foundation is dedicated to the development of curricula for American Indian Education. Included in this site is a comprehensive listing of links to Tribal resources across North America.

  • CyberMuslim Information Collective
    A listing of Muslim resources available on the Internet.

  • India Network World Wide Web
    This is a non-profit, charitable, educational and community organization dedicated to serve the Virtual community of Asian Indians around the World since 1988.

  • Institute of Hispanic-Latino Cultures
    Offers information for students at the University of Florida.

  • Islamic Resources
    A listing of links and informational resources about Islam.

  • The Jewish Communication Network
    An on-line center serving information for families, teachers, writers, Jewish professionals and organizations from around the world.

  • Judaism and Jewish Resources
    A compendium of Internet resources of Jewish interest.

  • The Kansas Religion & Philosophy Corner
    Links to a variety of information resources about religion on the Internet.

  • Latin-American Network Information Center
    This site is considered by some to be by far the best on-line resource for information about Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • Latino Link
    Considered by some to be the premiere spot for Latinos on the Web. News, chat, job bank, weekly email newsletter, bulletin boards and more.

  • Minority Rights Group International
    MRG is an international non governmental organization working to secure justice for minorities and majorities suffering discrimination and prejudice and to active the peaceful coexistence of majority and minority communities. MRG informs and warns governments, the international community, non governmental organizations and the wider public about the situation of minorities around the world.

  • National Congress of American Indians
    Sponsored by the Center For World Indigenous Studies and the Fourth World Documentation Project. This project is an online library of texts which record and preserve Indian struggles to regain their rightful place in the international community.

  • Native American Home Pages
    A wealth of links to Indian-focused Internet resources.

  • Native American Indian Art, Culture, Education, History Science -- Gateway
    300+ web pages of Native American resource materials, original publications and organized links, including reservation/Indian country maps; original Native literature, Native art. Unfortunately, the author has died, and the pages are not being maintained.

  • NetNoir
    Your gateway to everything afrocentric, afro-latin, afro-caribbean, afro-european, continental african or african-american! chat, play games, or read articles.

  • The Sikhism Home Page
    Information about the Sikh religion and culture.

  • The Universal Black Pages
    The Universal Black Pages is an information service which resides at the Georgia Institute of Technology but is not affiliated with the Institute. The main purpose of the UBP is to have a complete and comprehensive listing of African Diaspora related Web pages at a central site.

  • UCI Southeast Asian Archive
    The Archive, housed at University of California, Irvine Libraries, collects materials relating to the resettlement of Southeast Asian refugees and immigrants in the United States, the "boat people" and land refugees, and the culture and history of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.

  • The UCLA Asian American Studies Center
    Highlights the activities of the center, provides access to publications, and links to related resources.

  • USC Muslim Students Association Islamic Server
    This server provides information about the fundamentals of Islam provides information about the Muslim Students Association at the University of Southern California.

  • Virtual Jerusalem
    Israeli and Jewish information and links to related resources.

  • Web Diva InfoCenter
    A compendium of links to Internet resources for African Americans.

  • The WWW Hmong Homepage
    This is a collection of resources relating to Hmong history, culture, language, and current events. It is served by St. Olaf College.



  • Bookbeast's Feminist Threads Homepage
    Offers a variety of information of interest to women, including US politics, Ethnic and International resources, general and reference resources, books and publications, law and freedom, religion, lesbian culture, music, art & film, health and safety, work & leisure, and notices about upcoming events.

  • Feminism and Women's Resources
    This is a listing of many of the feminism, women's studies, or women-related sources on the net.

  • Feminist Activist Resources
    This guide is particularly oriented toward connecting Feminists who are Activists to resources on the Internet which could be of use.

  • Feminist.Com
    FEMINIST.COM is aimed at helping women network, and educating and empowering women (and men) on issues that affect their lives. Offers news, information about resources, activism, women's health, articles and speeches, women-owned businesses, and classifieds.

  • Feminist Majority Foundation
    The Feminist Majority and The Feminist Majority Foundation are committed to empowering women and winning equality through research, the sharing of information of value to feminists everywhere, and effective action. The site offers action alerts, news and press releases, and information about events of interest.

  • The Green Man
    The Greenman is a website dedicated to male spirituality and the issues common to men looking for more in theis lives.

  • The International Foundation for Gender Education
    The International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE), founded in 1987, is a leading advocate and educational organization for promoting the self-definition and free expression of individual gender identity.

  • Men's Issues Page
    The mission of this site is to cover the several men's movements encyclopediacally. It seeks to maintain comprehensive reference lists of mens movement organizations, books, periodicals, web links and other related resources, as well as to serve as an online reference source for statistics, studies and bibliographies of interest to the mens movements.

  • Men's Movement Issues
    David W. Stockburger has compiled a list of resources for men's issues, including organizations, literature and information, advocacy pages, and government links.

  • National Organization for Women
    Official home page of the National Organization for Women. Offers information about the organization and its agenda, as well as feminism, women, abortion rights, violence against women, racial and ethnic diversity, and economic equity.

  • Virtual Sisterhood
    Virtual Sisterhood is a global women's electronic support network dedicated to strengthening and magnifying the impact of feminist organizing through promotion of electronic communications use within the global women's movement.

  • Women.com
    A women's network for women's content and community, includes Women's Wire, Beatrice's Web Guide, Prevention's Healthy Ideas, Stork Site, and MoneyMode, plus community forums where our visitors take center stage.

  • Women's Resource Center
    The Women's Resource Center at the University of Colorado, Boulder serves as a resource for the university community and an advocate for women of all backgrounds, races, classes, ages, sexual orientations, political and religious beliefs, and physical abilities.

  • Women's Resources on the Web: INDEX
    Offers links related to health, safety, sexuality, sports, Women's Studies, women in technology, politics and activism, and more.

  • WWWomen!
    Considered to be the premier search directory for women's resources on the Internet, offers both hierarchical and keyword searching.



  • Abortion Clinics Online
    Abortion Clinics OnLine is a directory service comprised of providers of abortion services and other reproductive health care. The information presented can be translated into German, Italian, Portugese, Spanish and French.

  • American Public Health Association
    APHA represents more than 50,000 members from over 50 occupations of public health, bringing together researchers, health service providers, administrators, teachers, and other health workers in a unique, multidisciplinary environment of professional exchange, study, and action.

  • AMSO Managed Care Forum
    Home page for American Medical Specialty Organization Managed Care Forum and other related healthcare issues. The World-Wide Healthcare Poll and Healthcare forums provide a place for the health care professional, executive, or a concerned health care consumer to read and submit ideas and information in a moderated environment.

  • Attention Deficit Disorder Archive
    A variety of information resources about ADD.

  • The Canadian Health Network
    Information about the health care system in Canada and links to informational resources.

  • CancerWEB
    This cancer resource site has information available on many different aspects of cancer, investigation and treatment. Especially helpful is an on-line medical dictionary.

  • Center for Health Education
    Center for Health Education is a non-profit organization providing innovative resources to help clinicians manage patient care in a capitated, managed care environment.

  • Center for Rural Health and Social Service Development
    Southern Illinois University at Carbondale's CRHSSD conducts research, needs assessments, demonstration projects, program evaluations, and training; tests new models of health care delivery; and develops policy recommendations to improve the health of our rural population.

  • ChronicILLNet
    This is the first multimedia information source on the Internet dedicated to chronic illnesses including AIDS, cancer, Persian Gulf War Syndrome, autoimmune diseases, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, heart disease and neurological diseases. This site offers information for researchers, patients, lay people, and physicians.

  • Clinical Trials Listings
    The CenterWatch Clinical Trials Listing Service is an international listing of clinical research trials. The site enables for clinical trials, for information about physicians and medical centers performing clinical research, and to learn about drug therapies newly approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

  • Diabetes Home Page
    Sponsored by the Division of Diabetes Translation, a division of the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The division is responsible for translating scientific research findings into health promotion, disease prevention and treatment strategies.

  • Drug Database
    A database of information on prescription drugs, searchable by generic or trade name.

  • Gilda's Club Home Page
    The mission of Gilda's Club is to provide places where people with cancer and their families and friends join with others to build social and emotional support as a supplement to medical care.

  • Go Ask Alice!
    Sponsored by Healthwise, the Health Education and Wellness program of the Columbia University Health Service, Go Ask Alice! is an interactive question and answer service, answering questions each week about health, including questions about sexuality, sexual health, relationships, general health, fitness & nutrition, emotional well-being, and alcohol & other drugs.

  • Health Information Index at NIH
    An introduction to some of the many health information resources provided by the National Institutes of Health.

  • healthfinder
    healthfinder is a gateway consumer health and human services information web site from the United States government. healthfinder can lead you to selected online publications, clearinghouses, databases, web sites, and support and self-help groups, as well as the government agencies and not-for-profit organizations that produce reliable information for the public. Launched in April 1997, healthfinder served Internet users over 1.7 million times in its first year online.

  • ICD-9-CM
    A hypertext guide to the ICD coding system.

  • Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
    The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation is a not-for-profit, voluntary health agency whose mission is to support and fund research to find a cure for diabetes and its complications. The site offers a range of diabetes information.

  • Med Help International
    Med Help International is dedicated to helping all who are in need find qualified medical information and support for their medical conditions and questions, regardless of their economic status or geographic location. Offers library searches and patient support through chat resources.

  • The Minority Health Network
    MHNet is a world wide web based information source for individuals interested in the health of minority groups, referring to all people of color and people who are underrepresented economically and socially.

  • Muscular Dystrophy Association
    Offers links to information about MD and to related associations worldwide.

  • National Center for Farmworker Health
    NCFH is a private, not-for-profit corporation located in Austin, Texas. NCFH has evolved into a multi-faceted organization which provides a wide range of services dedicated to improving the health of the workers who harvest America's crops.

  • National Library of Medicine
    The NLM is the world's largest medical library. It collects materials in all major areas of the health sciences.

  • Nursing Net
    NursingNet's mission is to help further the knowledge and understanding of Nursing for the public, and to provide a forum for medical professionals and students to obtain and disseminate information about nursing and medically related subjects. Offers a wide range of Internet nursing resources.

  • On-line Resources for Diabetics
    This Web page brings together in one place descriptions of and links to all those places where diabetics can find resources that they can use.

  • Roxane Laboratories: Pain Institute
    Offers resources for people with chronic pain, including a patient library.

  • PEDINFO Home Page
    This Web server is dedicated to the dissemination of on-line information for pediatricians and others interested in child health.

  • National Information Center on Health Services Research
    NICHSR was created at the National Library of to improve the collection, storage, analysis, retrieval, and dissemination of information on health services research, clinical practice guidelines, and on health care technology, including the assessment of such technology.

  • Pediatric Points of Interest
    Sponsored by Johns Hopkins University, the Pediatric Points of Interest page is a searchable collection of links to resources in Pediatrics and Child Health.

  • Synapse Publishing
    Synapse, Inc. creates computerized decision support systems for physicians and other health care professionals. They are the publishers of the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, Stroke: A Practical Guide to Management (Blackwell), and creators of the StrokeNet and the Stroke Guidance System. Their site offers some great resources about neuromuscular illnesses.

  • Viaticus
    Information about using life insurance policies to pay medical bills, to supplement income, or to relieve other financial burdens for people with a life-threatening illness.

  • WWW Virtual Library: Biosciences: Medicine
    An hierarchical listing of medical topics for finding resources on the Web.

  • Y-Me National Breast Cancer Organization
    Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization has a commitment to provide information and support to anyone who has been touched by breast cancer. Y-ME serves women with breast cancer and their families and friends through their national hotline, open door groups, early detection workshops and local chapters.



  • ACSN - AIDS Caregivers Support Network
    ACSN is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting AIDS caregivers with emotional and practical support through group services, individual support, and written materials. The site provides information about the organization, Circles of Care, a quarterly newsletter, and other resources on the Web.

  • ACT-UP Golden Gate
    A grassroots group of individuals committed to non-violent direct action to end the AIDS crisis. The San Francisco Chapter's web site provides links to abstracts and reports, testimony, and news releases.

    The New York chapter of advocacy and political action group's home page also provides information about the organization, links, and an activist e-mail list signup.

  • ACT UP Philadelphia Home Page
    This site contains detailed reports of the group's activities on behalf of people with HIV in Pennsylvania and nationally.

  • AIDS Project - Los Angeles
    Uses a search engine to link users to a variety of information, including services, special events, volunteer opportunities, publications, grass roots organizing, and information links.

  • AIDS Resource List
    A comprehensive list of HIV/AIDS related links from Celine Chamberlin, a self-proclaimed Internet addict.

  • AVERT Home Page
    The site, sponsored by AIDS Education & Research Trust, focuses on education about HIV infection, information for HIV positive people as well as UK statistics and news.

  • The Body: A Multimedia AIDS and HIV Resource
    Covers many topics, including: prevention, safe sex, testing, treatment (protease inhibitors, combination therapy, viral load, azt, ddi, ddc, d4t, 3tc, reverse transcriptase), Q&A w/ experts, hotlines, and politics.

  • Center for AIDS Prevention Studies
    CAPS is committed to maintaining a focus on prevention of HIV disease, using the expertise of multiple disciplines, and an applied and community-based perspective within a university setting. The Web site features information about the activities of the center, fact sheets, and a "Prevention Toolbox."

  • Children with AIDS Project
    Children with AIDS Project of America offers a variety of services for children infected/affected by AIDS or drug exposed infants who will require foster or adoptive families. The site offers information about the organization and links to other resources.

  • Clinical Care Options for HIV
    HIV education and treatment info site offering free online interactive CME programs for healthcare professionals, online journal, next day summaries of major HIV meetings.

  • Colorado AIDS Project
    This page provides many links to other resources.

  • Correctional HIV Consortium (CHC)
    Non-profit corporation whose area of expertise is AIDS and HIV disease as it affects the various components of the criminal justice system and corrections communities.

  • Detroit Community AIDS Library
    Gateway to HIV/AIDS Information for Detroit and Southeastern Michigan. Provides links to news and announcements, local AIDS service organizations, searchable databases, and HIV/AIDS Internet resources.

  • HIV Exposure: The Waiting Game
    A spot for those who've been exposed to HIV to consult with each other during the 12-month test/retest period.

  • HIV InSite -
    Comprehensive and reliable information on HIV/AIDS treatment, policy, research, epidemiology, and prevention from the University of California, San Francisco.

  • HIV Law
    Presented by Paul Hampton Crockett., this site represents a comprehensive survival guide to the legal system for people living with HIV.

  • HIV/AIDS Treatment Information
    The HIV/AIDS Treatment Information Service (ATIS) provides timely, accurate treatment information on HIV and AIDS through the use of federally approved treatment guidelines and information. The HSTAT database contains the full text of approved treatment guidelines being used by the service.

  • International Council of AIDS Service Organizations
    The ICASO network is an interactive global focus point in the international HIV/AIDS world, gathering and disseminating information and analysis on key issues, coordinating the development of CBO/NGO positions on these issues, and working as partners with key international agencies to ensure that the concerns and interests of CBOs and NGOs around the world are articulated and represented at all levels.

  • Marty Howard's HIV/AIDS HomePage
    This page is designed to help users find as much HIV/AIDS related information as possible from one starting place.

  • Medscape - AIDS
    Medscape features peer-reviewed articles, zoomable color graphics, self-assessment features, medical information, medical news, free MEDLINE, CME credit, and annotated links to Internet resources.

  • MedWeb: AIDS and HIV
    A service of Emery University Health Sciences Center Library, this site is one of the more complete lists of research references on HIV/AIDS available.

  • National Centre for HIV Social Research
    This site documents the research activities of this Australian center.

  • Pets Are Loving Support
    PALS is a non-profit agency organized to improve the quality of life of people with AIDS by preserving and promoting the human/animal bond through the care and maintenance of their animal companions.

  • The Safer Sex Page
    A resource site providing information about safer sex, condoms, HIV, contraception, a forum, counselor information, and links to other resources.

    HIV/AIDS Social Work Education Canadian Network. The site serves as an interactive tool for sharing experiences, resources, and information social work educators, field instructors, students and trainers involved in HIV/AIDS related social work.

    The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS maintains this page to disseminate information on HIV/AIDS.

  • www.aidsnyc.org
    A linked collection of pages from HIV/AIDS community based organizations in New York City.


Housing, Hunger, & Poverty

  • Action Aid
    ACTIONAID is a leading development charity working directly with three million of the world's poorest people in Africa, Asia and Latin America, helping them in their fight against poverty.

  • America's Charities
    America's Charities goal is to provide member charities with the necessary resources to meet needs impacting human service, health and education, civil and human rights, and the environment.

  • Bread for the World
    Citizens' movement seeking justice for the world's hungry people by lobbying our nation's decision makers.

  • California Emergency Foodlink
    Foodlink's food distribution programs obtain millions of pounds of fresh, packaged and prepared foods that are delivered to food banks throughout California. Foodlink's job training programs generate income that funds their food distribution work. They hire the homeless and those at risk of homelessness, providing them with paid job training and offering health benefits.

  • Education of Homeless Children and Youth
    Fact sheet from the National Coalition for the Homeless

  • Food First: Institute for Food and Development Policy
    The purpose of the Institute for Food and Development Policy is to eliminate the injustices that cause hunger.

  • Food For The Hungry: World Crisis Network
    Food for the Hungry feeds the hungry world-wide. This Internet site also includes gopher, ftp, majordomo/listserv services. A MUD/MOO environment is also under construction.

  • Food Research and Action Center
    FRAC works to improve public policies to eradicate hunger and undernutrition in the U.S.

  • Habitat for Humanity International
    Habitat for Humanity brings families and communities in need together with volunteers and resources to build decent, affordable housing.

  • HomeAid America
    HomeAid's mission is to build or renovate shelters for transitionally homeless men, women and children. HomeAid was created to help National Association of Home Builders - affiliated home building associations develop their own independently operated HomeAid programs to help fulfill the HomeAid mission across the nation. The site offers links to a wealth of housing-related information resources.

  • Homeless in America
    Information page on who are homeless in America and why they are homeless. There is also information about support groups for the homeless and political advocacy.

  • Homeless in Paradise
    What it's like to be homeless in Santa Monica, CA.

  • Homelessness
    Offers information about homelessness in America as well as about US Department of Health and Human Services assistance programs, publications, research results, and other resources.

  • Hunger Notes
    Hunger Notes is an on-line journal which is sponsored by the World Hunger Education Service. It's mission is to inform the community of people interested in issues of hunger and poverty, the public, and policymakers, about the causes, extent, and efforts to end hunger and poverty in the United States and the world, to promote further understanding which integrates ethical, religious, social, economic, political, and scientific perspectives on hunger and poverty, to facilitate communication and networking among those who are working for solutions, and to promote individual and collective commitment to solutions to the hunger and poverty which confront hundreds of millions of the people of the world.

  • HungerWeb
    A project of the World Hunger Program , HungerWeb aims to help prevent and eradicate hunger by facilitating the free exchange of ideas and information regarding the causes of, and solutions to, hunger.

  • Institute for Research on Poverty (IRP)
    IRP provides on-line publications and extensive links to poverty-related statistics and information sources.

  • Joint Center for Poverty Research
    The Northwestern University / University of Chicago Joint Center for Poverty Research is a national and interdisciplinary community of researchers whose work advances the understanding of what it means to be poor and live in America.

  • Luxembourg Income Study
    The Luxembourg Income Study has four goals: (1) to test the feasibility of creating a database containing social and economic data collected in household surveys from different countries; (2) provide a method allowing researchers to use the data under restrictions required by the countries providing the data; (3) create a system that will allow research requests to be received and returned to users at remote locations; and (4) promote comparative research on the economic status of populations in different countries.

  • Marin Services and Resource Guide
    These pages are made to be a quick and easy way to find resources for people who are homeless and for people with low income in Marin County, California. Soon, every locality will have similar pages to assist people in need of services.

  • National Center for Children in Poverty
    The mission of the National Center for Children in Poverty is to identify and promote strategies that reduce the number of young children living in poverty in the United States, and that improve the life chances of the millions of children under six who a re growing up poor. Center projects concentrate on early childhood care and education; child and family health; family and community support; cross-cutting, multistate policy analyses; demographic and evaluation research; and communications.

  • National Coalition for the Homeless
    The National Coalition for the Homeless is a national advocacy network of homeless persons, activists, service providers, and others committed to ending homelessness through public education, policy advocacy, grassroots organizing, and technical assistance.

  • National Health Care for the Homeless Council, Inc.
    Membership organization of health care providers working to help bring about reform of the health care system to best serve the needs of people who are homeless.

  • Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless
    This page lists resources for homeless people. It could be a model for your community.

  • Northwest Harvest
    Northwest Harvest collects and distributes food to approximately 280 hunger programs in Washington State without tax dollars or fees of any kind. In an average month, 500,000 services are provided to individuals and families in need. Nearly half of these services go to children.

  • Oxfam America
    OXFAM is dedicated to creating lasting solutions to global hunger, poverty, and injustice

  • Poverty and Sustainable Livelihoods
    Research, statistics and publications on poverty and sustainable livelihoods from the United Nations Development Programme.

  • Real Change
    Real Change is a newspaper for the homeless of Seattle, Washington. Highlights of recent issues are featured on this page.

  • RESULTS: Ending hunger and poverty
    RESULTS is a non-profit, grassroots citizen's lobby that identifies sustainable solutions to the problems of hunger and poverty, nationally and world-wide, and works to generate the resources necessary to make those solutions succeed. The site features information about the organization, action alerts, background on hunger and poverty issues, Capitol updates, articles about the organization, and links to other web sites.

  • Tedrico's Page
    Offers links to shelters, feeding programs, and outreach help as well as chat and message boards.

  • World Hunger Year
    Founded by Harry Chapin in 1975, WHY focuses attention on hunger and poverty and the grassroots initiatives that fight them.


Mental Health

  • Alliance for Increased Mental Health Awareness
    AIM-Awareness is a coalition of agencies, groups and individuals working to remove the stigma confronting people with mental illness.

  • At Health Home Page
    At Health provides mental health information, resources, a directory of licensed psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors and other therapists, and continuing education information.

  • Autism Resources
    This page is an organized list of resources about Autism that are available on the net.

  • Bereavement Resources
    A variety of resources for mourners.

  • Cath's Eating Disorders resources on Internet
    This is a collection of links to various information on Eating Disorders all around the Net.

  • Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder
    CH.A.D.D. is a nonprofit parent-based organization formed to better the lives of individuals with attention deficit disorders and those who care for them through family support and advocacy, public and professional education and encouragement of scientific research.

  • Crisis, Grief, and Healing
    This page is meant to be a place men and women can browse to understand and honor the many different paths to heal strong emotions.

  • David Baldwin's Trauma Information Pages
    The Trauma Information Pages focus primarily on emotional trauma and traumatic stress, including PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder), whether following individual traumatic experience(s) or a large-scale disaster. New information is added to this site about once a month. The purpose of this award-winning site is to provide information about traumatic stress for clinicians and researchers in the field.

  • Depression FAQ
    Frequently asked questions about depression from 1994.

  • Depression Resources List
    An updated list of Internet resources related to depression.

  • Emotional Support Guide
    This is a guide to emotional support resources on the Internet for people who are experiencing physical loss, chronic illness, and bereavement; their friends and families; and caregivers.

  • False Memory Syndrome Facts
    This site offers pointers to key resources about "false memory syndrome," dissociation, delayed recall, repression, and recovered memories of child abuse and other traumatic events.

  • False Memory Syndrome Foundation
    The FMS Foundation is a non-profit organization which is devoted to seeking the reasons for the spread of False Memory Syndrome; to working for the prevention of new cases of False Memory Syndrome; and to aiding the victims, both primary and secondary, of False Memory Syndrome.

  • GriefNet
    Bereavement, grief, death and dying resources.

  • Institute of Psychiatry Library: Mental Health
    A very comprehensive list of links to resources in mental health.

  • The International Society for Mental Health Online
    The International Society for Mental Health Online (ISMHO) was formed in 1997 to promote the understanding, use and development of online communication, information and technology for the international mental health community.

  • Internet Mental Health Resources
    Topical list of mental health links from Herbert D. Stockley.

  • Knowledge Exchange Network
    KEN -- the National Mental Health Services Knowledge Exchange Network -- has an award-winning Web site that offers a wealth of information about mental health. Visitors can find a variety of mental health-related subjects from advocacy to Zoloft(TM), alternative care to managed care, anxiety disorders to statistics.

  • Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute
    The state's primary research and training center for mental health services is recognized nationally for its innovative research and training. The site offers information about mental health needs and services in the state of Florida, and links to relevant information, including electronic publications.

  • MedWeb: Mental Health
    Biomedical Internet resources from Emory University Health Sciences Center Library.

  • Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania
    Information on MH public policy and legislation, MH information & referral, self-help resources, mental health advocacy and the programs of the MHASP. Links to other mental health resources.

  • Mental Health Licensure Resources
    This page was created to provide up-to-date licensure information and resources for individuals practicing in mental health fields. The site contains information on how to contact licensing boards, preparation for exams, current issues, and state board rules, regulations, and application procedures.

  • Mental Health Net
    MHN considers itself the largest, most comprehensive guide to mental health online, featuring over 7,000 individual resources. This site, winner of several awards, covers information on disorders such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic fatigue syndrome and substance abuse, to professional resources in psychology, psychiatry and social work, journals and self-help magazines.

  • Mental Health Resources -- International
    List of postal addresses, telephone numbers, and where available, email addresses for organizations and institutions for mental health anywhere in the world.

  • Mental Health Resources -- United Kingdom
    List of postal addresses, telephone numbers, and where available, email addresses for organizations and institutions for mental health in the UK.

  • The Mining Company Mental Health Resources
    The Mining Company has developed more than 200 World Wide Web guides in a variety of topical areas. The Mental Health guide was developed by Leonard Holmes, a clinical psychologist in private practice who also provides mental health services over the Net. The site provides links to an impressive variety of informational resources for mental health.

  • National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
    Grassroots, self-help organization of people with serious mental illness and their families and friends. NAMI's mission is to eradicate mental illness and to improve the quality of life for those who have mental illness.

  • National Center for PTSD
    U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs National Center for PTSD offers research and education on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

  • National Institute of Mental Health
    General information about NIMH, public information about mental health, including quicktime videos, news and announcements from NIMH, grants, contracts, & committee information, and information on NIMH research activities.

  • National Mental Health Association
    The National Mental Health Association, through its national office and more than 300 affiliates nationwide, is dedicated to improving the mental health of all individuals and achieving victory over mental illnesses.

  • National Panic-Anxiety Disorder News
    NPAD News presents research, self-help techniques, new books and tapes, studies, conferences and more for people with Panic/Anxiety disorders.

  • New York State Psychiatric Institute
    This site is about the New York State Psychiatric Institute at the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in Manhattan, one of the world's leading psychiatric research, teaching, and treatment centers operated by the New York State Office of Mental Health.

  • Post Traumatic Stress Resources
    The purpose of the Post Traumatic Stress Web Resources Page is to list and maintain information and links to professional information on the Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from whatever cause. The site is created and maintained by the PTSD Program of the Department of Psychiatry, Carl T. Hayden VAMC, Phoenix Arizona.

  • Psychiatric References
    Pointers to many different information resources on psychiatry from the University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry.

  • Psychiatry On-Line
    The International Forum for Psychiatry - a peer reviewed, independent psychiatry journal for psychiatrists and mental health professionals. Contains articles, archives, and links to professional resources.

  • Social Work Practice Update: Recovered Memories
    NASW's National Council on the Practice of Clinical Social Work published this practice update on Evaluation and Treatment of Adults with the possibility of Recovered Memories of Childhood Sexual Abuse.

  • Specifica Mental Health Resources
    A topical list of references for consumers by Jeanine Wade, Ph.D.

  • Stress Free
    StressFree Net offers stress related services and tools, including a directory of health and stress management professionals to help the user, and an opportunity to "Ask the Psychologist."

  • Screening for Suicide Risk
    Important information on screening for suicide intent from Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center.

  • Therapist Referral Network
    TRN is a free service providing users with information to help them search for licensed psychotherapists and other mental health services. The program allows a detailed search for licensed professionals by location based on specialization, fee, insurance plan, theoretical orientation, and more.

  • UCLA School Mental Health Project
    The School Mental Health Project (SMHP) was created to pursue theory, research, practice and training related to meeting the mental health needs of youngsters through school-based interventions. Their award winning website offers information on our clearinghouse, introductory packets, consultation cadre, newsletter, links to other internet sites and electronic networking.

  • Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic
    This site, about the Institute and Clinic of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, offers information about the work of the center and links to related resources.

  • The Wounded Healer Journal
    Issues of grief and loss for survivors of sexual abuse.


Policy Practice

  • Action Alert: Welfare Reform
    The National Organization for Women presents a policy analysis relating welfare reform and domestic violence.

  • Behaviorists for Social Responsibility
    BFSR is a Special Interest Group of the Association for Behavior Analysis. The SIG and the site are dedicated to applications of the science of behavior and cultural analysis to issues of social importance, including education, human rights, environmental and social justice issues. The site includes links to related state-of-the art publications and related sites.

  • Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
    The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives was founded in 1980 to promote research on economic and social issues facing Canada. The Centre monitors current developments in the economy and studies important trends that affect Canadians. The Web site provides information about the activities of the center, its publications and links to related resources.

  • Canadian Council on Social Development
    The Canadian Council on Social Development is a voluntary, non-profit organization whose mission is to develop and promote progressive social policies inspired by social justice, equality and the empowerment of individuals and communities through research, consultation, public education and advocacy. The Web site features information about the center and access to its statistical databases.

  • Centre for Research on Social Policy
    This UK organization conducts research into social policy with the aim of improving the quality and flow of information on which policy decisions are made and promoting contacts between policy makers, practitioners and the research community. The Centre also houses the Unit for the Arts and Offenders. The Web site offers information about the work of the center and access to its working papers.

  • Centre for Social Policy Research & Development
    The Centre for Social Policy Research and Development (CSPRD) at the University of Wales, Bangor, is committed to the conduct of well-founded, scientific research primarily in the areas of human development, health studies and social care provision. The site offers information about the center, research reports, and links to related resources.

  • Congress.Org - A Guide to the U.S. Congress
    Congress.org is an updated on-line directory of information for both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate. A comprehensive resource for communicating with Congress, the structure and features of Congress.org can be customized to the needs of any organization or business involved in public affairs or grassroots activities.

  • Contacting the Congress
    Contacting the Congress is a listing of phone numbers, FAX numbers, electronic mail addresses and WWW/gopher homepages for members of the Congress.

  • The Electronic Activist
    An email address directory of congresspeople, state governments, and media, from the Institute for First Amendment Studies.

  • Electronic Policy Network
    EPN considers itself to be the clearinghouse for the latest progressive policy research and reports from the nation's leading research institutes, think tanks, and policy organizations. The site provides online compendia of news and individual policy issues, a search engine, access to a mailing list to keep up with policy developments as they happen, and topical links to member institutions and beyond.

  • Federal News Service
    FNS allows you to read the actual words spoken by national leaders on matters of official U.S. Government policy and other issues of the day, the same day!

  • MIMH/PIE Confluence Page
    A joint project of the Missouri Institute of Mental Health and the Policy Information Exchange, this is a comprehensive mental health policy Internet resource. The MIMH side of the site provides information about the activities of the center, which is housed at the University of Missouri-Columbia. It also provides links to related sites, consumer information, and access to its publications. PIE Online is one of the largest online collections of health and mental health policy information available anywhere. Textual and statistical information, documents, bibliographies, reviews, federal and state legislative information, job and funding opportunities, and events calendars can be found quickly using PIE Online's full text retrieval capabilities. PIE is available by subscription only, which may be the way of the future on the Internet.

  • PoliticsOnline
    This site is devoted to providing tools, tips and news about how to use the Internet to make political communications more effective.

    The international development homepage of Prof. Richard J. Estes of the University of Pennsylvania, this site to an array of archival resources on international and comparative social development designed to meet the informational needs of social work educators and students with international interests and other educators and students who require assistance in locating useful national and international resources on social and economic development.

  • Project Vote Smart
    Project Vote Smart tracks the performance of over 13,000 political leaders, including the President, Congress, Governors, and State Legislatures.

  • Social Policy Research Centre
    Hosted by the University of New South Wales (Australia), this site offers information about Australian government and public policy resources.

  • United Nations Development Program
    UNDP's overarching mission is to help countries build national capacity to achieve sustainable, human development, giving top priority to eliminating poverty and building equity.

  • The University of Michigan School of Public Policy
    Formerly the Institute for Public Policy Studies, the School of Public Policy became an independent school within the University of Michigan in 1995. In addition to providing information about the programs offered by the School of Public Policy, the site also provides a working paper archive.

  • Welfare Policy Center
    The Welfare Policy Center (WPC) conducts research and provides technical assistance on welfare reform and related issues. It is a resource for policymakers, program administrators, the press, and many others seeking to learn about cutting-edge welfare reforms and what it takes to make reforms effective. This website provides information about key welfare issues and interesting welfare-related articles.

  • Welfare Reform - Introduction
    This site is designed to substitute facts for myth in the important public battle over welfare reform. The Twentieth Century Fund is a nonprofit, nonpartisan foundation that sponsors and supervises research on economic, social, and political issues. Contributors to the information presented on the site include Joel Handler, Professor of Law, University of California, Los Angeles; Yeheskel Hasenfeld, Professor of Social Welfare, University of California, Los Angeles; and Jack Sirica of Newsday.

  • Welfare Reform Watch
    HandsNet provides extensive coverage of current welfare reform efforts at the national, state and local level. The site provides expert analyses and fact sheets on the latest legislation, program implications and more, from leading advocates and researchers in the field.

  • The Welfare to Work Partnership
    The Welfare to Work Partnership (The Partnership) was launched on May 20,1997 at the White House by President Clinton, Governors Tommy Thompson (R-WI) and Tom Carper (D-DE) and over 100 participating businesses. This national, nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization was created to encourage and assist businesses hiring individuals from public assistance without displacing current workers.

  • Western New York Law Center
    The Western New York Law Center maintains StarWatch, a Web site designed to assist welfare advocates with helpful information.



  • The Abuse Prevention Project
    This Minneapolis-based program provides resources to families and professionals for the prevention of child abuse with a focus on disability and cultural competency.

  • American Outreach Association
    Provides services and resources to help people in fighting worldwide substance abuse and dealing with other personal problems.

  • Child Abuse Prevention Network
    An initiative of Family Life Development Center at Cornell University. The network is dedicated to enhancing internet resources for the prevention of child abuse and neglect, and reducing the negative conditions in the family and the community that lead to child maltreatment.

  • Committee for Children
    Committee for Children provides classroom curricula for the prevention of child abuse and youth violence as well as training and parent education. They also conduct original research evaluating the effectiveness of their programs.

  • Community Psychology Network
    Community Psychology Net is the web's most comprehensive site dedicated to the field of community psychology. This site is meant to be a resource for educators, professionals, researchers, graduate and undergraduate students, and others who are interested in learning more about the fascinating field of community psychology, action research, intervention, and prevention. The site provides links to discussion lists, professional membership groups, graduate schools, course materials, funding sources, position announcements, social policy information, and various other miscellaneous resources relevant to the field.

  • D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)
    The Official Website of D.A.R.E. Drug Abuse Resistance Education.

  • Early Career Preventionists Network
    Providing information, educational experiences, and networking opportunities for researchers, interventionists, and advocates dedicated to the science of prevention.

  • Eating Disorders Awareness and Prevention
    This nonprofit organization is dedicated to preventing eating disorders through education to health professionals, K-12 educators and the public. Their homepage provides some basic information about Eating Disorders Awareness and Prevention and eating disorders in general.

  • National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect
    Supported by the Children's Bureau, The National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect Information is a national resource for professionals seeking information on the prevention, identification, and treatment of child abuse and neglect, and related child welfare issues.

  • National Drug Prevention League
    The NDPL is an association of over 25 national and major regional private sector organizations for drug abuse prevention. The site provides links to related resources and information, including national surveys and studies, federal programs and budgets and congressional bills.

  • Parents Anonymous
    Parents Anonymous is the nation's oldest and largest child abuse prevention organization dedicated to strengthening families through innovative strategies that promote mutual support and parent leadership.

  • Partnership for a Drug-Free America
    This site includes a comprehensive database of drug information: what they do, what they look like, their history and slang terms.


Research & Measurement

  • Alcoholism Treatment Assessment Instruments
    Information on the availability of a variety of instruments for adolescents and adults to be used in screening, diagnosis, assessment of drinking behavior, treatment planning, treatment and process assessment, and outcome evaluation.

  • Allyn & Bacon's Sociology Links
    Provides links to sites related to research methods.

  • AlphaLogic
    Presents the Personality Diagnostic Questionnaire (PDQ-4), a user-friendly interactive program that determines the presence of personality disorders consistent with the DSM-IV, Axis II.

  • American Educational Research Association
    The AERA is concerned with improving the educational process by encouraging scholarly inquiry related to education and by promoting the dissemination and practical application of research results.

  • American Evaluation Association
    An international professional association of evaluators devoted to the application and exploration of program evaluation, personnel evaluation, technology, and other forms of evaluation.

  • American Institutes for Research
    AIR is an independent, not-for-profit corporation that performs basic and applied research, provides technical support, and conducts analyses in the behavioral and social sciences.

  • APA Committee on Psychological Tests and Assessment
    American Psychological Association statement addresses the issue of test security in the context of teaching and training of students in psychology.

  • APA: FAQ on Psychological Tests
    American Psychological Association provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the selection and use of psychological tests.

  • American Sociological Association Section on Methods
    Provides information about the activities of the section.

  • ANU - Coombspapers FTP Archive
    This archive site was established to act as an electronic repository of the social science & humanities papers, bibliographies, directories, theses abstracts and other high-grade research material produced (or deposited) at the Research Schools of Social Sciences & Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.

  • Buros Institute of Mental Measurements
    Comprehensive site providing reviews of tests, links to important resources for testing, and standards for utilization of tests.

  • Census & Demographic Data
    A wonderful resource page for people working with census and other demographic data.

  • Center for Demography & Ecology
    CDE is a multi-disciplinary faculty research cooperative for social scientific demographic research whose membership includes sociologists, rural sociologists, economists, and historians.

  • Center for Social Research Methods
    This Web site, developed by Bill Trochim at Cornell, is intended for people involved in applied social research and evaluation. There are many links to other locations on the Web that deal in applied social research methods, previously published and unpublished papers, detailed examples of current research projects, useful tools for researchers (like a guide to selecting a statistical analysis), an extensive online textbook, a bulletin board for discussions, and more.

  • Centre for Applied Social Surveys
    CASS provides short courses in survey methods and is developing a survey Question Bank for use by social scientists and social researchers in the academic world, government, market research and the independent and voluntary sectors.

  • Cochrane Collaboration
    Facilitates the creative, review, maintenance and dissemination of systematic overviews of the effects of health care.

  • Community of Science
    The mission of the Community of Science (COS) is to provide rapid, easy-to-use information about scientists and the funding of science. The Community of Science is a global registry designed to provide accurate, timely, easy-to-access information about what new funding opportunities exist, and who is working on what subject, and where.

  • Content Analysis
    Resources to assist researchers utilizing content analysis strategies, including reviews of publications, bilbiographies, and software.

  • Corporate Grantmakers on the Internet
    Annotated listing of interests and geographic limitations of scores of company-sponsored private foundations and direct corporate giving programs.

  • CSAC Ethnographics Gallery Software Archives
    Shareware statistics program, SchoolStat(TM). Graphic display of probability distributions, spread sheet, and a variety of parametric and nonparametric statistics.

  • CSCAR Home Page
    The Center for Statistical Consultation and Research at the University of Michigan.

  • ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation
    Information pertaining to educational and psychological testing and learning theories. Provides balanced information concerning educational assessment and resources to encourage responsible test use.

  • Funding Institutions -- Foundations
    A listing of foundations from Johns Hopkins University.

  • The Gallaudet Research Institute
    Gallaudet specializes in research about deaf and hard-of-hearing people.

  • Geriatric Assessment Methods
    Discusses various aspects of data-based decision making for care decisions with geriatric patients.

  • Geriatric Depression Scale
    Scale measuring depression in elderly subjects.

  • Glossary of Computing & Social Science Terms
    Covers terms which may be useful in managing data collections and providing basic data services.

  • Human Subjects in Research Sites
    This page is intended to provide pointers to information about ethical aspects of research involving human subjects as participants.

  • Idea Works, Inc.
    An information technology company specializing in the development and publication of expert systems for business, industry, research, and human services. Services include training, consulting, development, publication, and contract services.

  • The Illinois Researcher Information Service (IRIS)
    The Illinois Researcher Information Service (IRIS) is a unit of the University of Illinois Library at Urbana-Champaign. The IRIS office compiles the IRIS database of funding opportunities. The office also maintains a library of publications (informational brochures, application guidelines, and annual reports) from over 2,000 funding agencies.

  • Institute for Social Research
    Information about the research facility at the University of Michigan. Includes the Survey Research Center, the Research Center for Group Dynamics, and the Center for Political Studies.

  • Internal Validity Tutorial
    This self-instructional tutorial on internal validity that teaches students to recognize and analyze flaws in the design of clinical experiments.

  • International Index of Social Progress
    Measures economic development, social and political conditions, and the ability of nations to produce welfare services for their citizens.

  • Internet Resources for Institutional Research
    Annotated links to assist institutional researchers and faculty and students in higher education in navigating the Internet.

  • Management Development
    Provides a variety of links to personality tests (some rather silly) for management development.

  • Mathematical and Statistical Software
    A searchable database of public domain software, available through the "netlib" server available through research at AT&T Bell Laboratories Murray Hill, and the University of Tennessee.

  • Mehrabian's Personality Test Page
    Provides information to assist in the selection of appropriate personality tests for research, business applications, and individual counseling.

  • Mental Health Services Research at UNC
    Describes research projects at the Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.

  • Methods Resources
    Research methods resources from the College of Education at Arizona State University.

  • National Institutes of Health Funding Opportunities
    Information about NIH grant and fellowship programs, applying for a grant or fellowship, policy changes, administrative responsibilities of awardees, the CRISP database, and the numbers and characteristics of awards made by the NIH.

  • Network Visualization
    Documents work in progress to visualize social structures combining automatic procedures with aesthetics to ease insight into usually complex phenomena.

  • Northern Australia Research Institute
    NASRI provides a collaborative mechanism for conducting, promoting, coordinating and disseminating research into social policy and social development issues affecting Northern Australia.

  • Office of Population Research, Princeton University
    Provides information about the Office of Population Research of Princeton, the oldest population research center in the US.

  • On Being a Scientist: Responsible Conduct in Research
    An on-line publication of the Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy of the National Academy of Sciences.

  • OpinionMeter
    Interactive fully-automated polling machine to measure customer satisfaction.

  • Personal Social Services Research Unit
    PSSRU at the University of Kent at Canterbury provides policy research and analysis on equity and efficiency, and so of resources, needs and outcomes in community and long-term care and related areas.

  • Population Studies Center
    The Population Studies Center at the University of Michigan is one of the oldest population centers in the United States, with a distinguished record in both domestic and international population research.

  • Power Analysis
    Statistical considerations for determining sample size, power, and the minimal detectable difference in clinical trials and scientific experiments.

  • Power Calculator
    Web-based software to determine statistical power.

  • Private Foundations on the Internet
    Annotated listing detailing interests and geographical limitations of hundreds of private foundations.

  • ProGAMMA: Social Science Information Technology
    Information Technology for the Social and Behavioral sciences (SSIT)

  • Psychological Maltreatment of Women Inventory
    Created by Richard Tolman at University of Michigan to investigate woman abuse.

  • Psychometrics Canada
    One of Canada's largest test development and publishing companies

  • Qualitative Methods (QualPage)
    Resources for qualitative researchers.

  • Qualitative Report
    An online journal dedicated to qualitative research and critical inquiry.

    RAMS-FIE is the result of an October 1st, 1996, merger between Research Administration Management Systems, Inc. and Federal Information Exchange, Inc. Together they form a diversified information services company providing a full range of database services, software development and technical support to the government, private sector and academic communities.

  • RAND
    Through research and analysis, RAND assists public policymakers at all levels, private sector leaders in many industries, and the public at large in efforts to strengthen the nation's economy, maintain its security, and improve its quality of life.

  • RAND-36 Health Survey Trial
    A new short-form health survey, which taps eight health concepts: physical functioning, bodily pain, role limitations due to physical health problems, role limitations due to personal or emotional problems, general mental health, social functioning, energy/fatigue, and general health perceptions.

  • Russell Sage Foundation
    The principal American foundation devoted exclusively to research in the social sciences, the Foundation is a research center, a funding source for studies by scholars at other academic and research institutions, and an active member of the nation's social science community.

  • Social Development Research Group @ UW
    Describes the activities of this University of Washington center, whose mission is to conduct research on the causes and consequences of human problems; to test the effectiveness of prevention and treatment programs to reduce human problems; and to disseminate knowledge produced by this research.

  • Social Science Research Center
    The SSRC at Mississippi State University makes available many of their research reports on this site.

  • Society for Judgment and Decision-Making
    The Society for Judgment and Decision Making is an interdisciplinary organization dedicated to the study of normative, descriptive, and prescriptive theories of decision.

  • StatLib
    StatLib is a system for distributing statistical software, datasets, and information by electronic mail, FTP and WWW. It is a service of the Carnegie Mellon University Statistics Department.

  • Statistical Power Analysis Software
    Provides an up-to-date list of microcomputer software that can be used to calculate the power of statistical hypothesis tests.

  • Statistical Resources on the Internet
    It is provided as a starting point for locating statistical related information on the World-Wide Web.

  • Statistical Software Support
    Part of the Research Methods Web site at the Academy of Management.

  • The Statistics Homepage
    This Electronic Statistical Textbook offers training in the understanding and application of statistics. The material was developed at the StatSoft R&D department based on many years of teaching undergraduate and graduate statistics courses and covers a wide variety of applications, including laboratory research, business statistics and forecasting, social science statistics and survey research, data mining, engineering and quality control applications.

  • Statistics on the Web
    A listing of links related to statistics on the World Wide Web.

  • Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory
    Substance abuse screening from Consultation, Education, and Research Associates.

  • Survey Research Center
    The home page of the Survey Research Center at Princeton University.

  • Swedish Institute for Social Research
    The Institute's research is focused upon questions related to social policy and labor market policy.

  • University Center for Urban & Social Research
    Established at University of Pittsburgh to carry out basic and applied social science research, the UCSUR is a focal point for collaborative interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches to social science and policy issues.

  • University of Melbourne Social Work Research Report
    Reports on the research activities of the Social Work department during 1995.

  • University of Stirling Social Work Research Centre
    Current work includes research on Social work and criminal justice, Community care, and Social work with children and young people.

  • Web Resources for Educational Research and Evaluation
    An excellent set of links, most of which are equally applicable to social work research and evaluation, maintained by David Fetterman

  • The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Statistics
    A cornucopia of links related to statistics.



  • Able-Together
    ABLE-TOGETHER is a quarterly international newsletter for bisexual and gay men with and without disabilities. The site offers links to Web sites on disability and sexuality.

  • BLK Homie Page
    Offers a variety of information resources for Black Gays and Lesbians.

  • Charles Haynes: Radical Sex
    This site offers an impressive array of information links related to alternative sexualities.

  • Coalition for Positive Sexuality
    The Coalition for Positive Sexuality was formed to give teens the information about sexuality they need to take care of themselves and affirm their decisions about sex, sexuality, and reproductive control. They also hope to facilitate dialogue, in and out of the public schools, on condom availability and sex education. Just Say Yes, their irreverent and unabashed comprehensive sex education guide is available here.

  • Collected Domestic Partner Information
    A collection of information about the issues of domestic partner policies, same sex marriages, and adoption.

  • Congregation Beth El Binah
    Beth El Binah is the Reform Jewish congregation with outreach to the lesbian and gay community of Dallas/Forth Worth. The site offers links to Gay, Lesbian, and Jewish resources on the Internet.

  • The Data Lounge: Lesbian/Gay Internet
    Daily News, Culture & Gossip, Forums & Weekly Surveys. Global Lesbian/Gay Calendar. Web Directory and Edwina's Dating Service.

  • Deaf Queer Resource Center
    DQRC is a national non-profit information center. Considered to be "the place" to find comprehensive and accurate information about the Deaf queer community.

  • Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian and Transgender Information
    Offers links to GBLT resources internationally.

  • The Gay Connection
    A gay, lesbian, bisexual one-stop resource site.

  • Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Issues Links
    An extensive listing of resources for gay men and lesbians, bisexual men and women, and transgendered individuals.

  • The International Foundation for Gender Education
    The International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE), founded in 1987, is a leading advocate and educational organization for promoting the self-definition and free expression of individual gender identity.

  • !OutProud!
    This the WWW site for the National Coalition for Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youth. The site offers a wide range of resources for youth and educators.

  • Queer Frontiers
    1995 Conference Proceedings and Beyond: A Scholarly Resource for Queer Theory and Studies. The focus of ongoing content development for "Beyond 1995" is on a queer theoretically focused investigation, analysis and critique of the Internet's cultural and social significance and impact and how it is itself generating a whole new cyber-culture and subsequent cyber-reality.

  • Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays
    Information resources from PFLAG Ottawa.

  • The Safer Sex Page
    Offers a wealth of information on safer sex practices.

  • Transgender Forum
    A resource guide for crossdressers, transvestites, transsexuals, transgendered people, their family and friends.

  • Youth Assistance Organization/Youth Action Online
    This is a service run by volunteers, created to help self-identifying gay, lesbian, bisexual and questioning youth. YAO exists to provide young people with a safe space online to be themselves. The site offers information for youths questioning their sexuality, an on-line magazine, and links to other resources on the Internet.


Substance Abuse

  • Addiction Research Foundation
    The ARF, founded in 1949, is one of North America's pre-eminent facilities for research into alcohol, tobacco and other drug problems. The Foundation's mission is to work with its partners to create and apply knowledge to prevent and reduce substance abuse in Ontario. The ARF collaborates with the World Health Organization, participating in international research and carrying out training programs in other countries.

  • Alcoholics Anonymous
    Information about the self-help organization.

    These are worldwide organizations that offer self-help recovery programs for families and friends of alcoholics whether or not the alcoholic seeks help or even recognizes the existence of a drinking problem.

  • American Society of Addiction Medicine
    The medical specialty society dedicated to educating physicians and improving the treatment of individuals suffering from alcoholism or other addictions.

    Association for Medical Education and Research in Substance Abuse, sponsored by the Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies at Brown University.

  • APA Division 28
    American Psychological Association Division 28 is the special interest group for psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse. This page offers their archives and information on research opportunities.

  • Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse
    A non-profit organization working to minimize the harm associated with the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, this site offers links to a wealth of resources, including on-line courses on substance abuse topics.

  • Center for Alcohol & Addiction Studies
    Features information about the work of the center and links to related resources.

  • Center for Education and Drug Abuse Research
    Information on CEDAR, an ongoing 20-year prospective family/high-risk study of substance abuse, including grant information, description of the design and research modules, list of publications, news, and links to other drug-related resources.

  • Center for Substance Abuse Prevention
    CSAP Technical Assistance Services to Communities is a unique federally funded program designed to disseminate information, increase dialog, and promote community empowerment to combat alcohol and other drug problems.

  • Cocaine Anonymous
    Cocaine Anonymous is a 12-step fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other so that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from their addiction.

  • Dual Diagnosis Website
    Dual Diagnosis refers to co-occurring Mental Illness, Drug Addiction and/or Alcoholism in various combinations. This site is designed to provide information and resources for service providers, consumers, and family members who are seeking assistance and/or education in this field.

  • Indiana Prevention Resource Center
    The Indiana Prevention Resource Center is a statewide clearinghouse for prevention technical assistance and information about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

  • Narcotics Anonymous
    Narcotics Anonymous is an international, community-based association of recovering drug addicts. Started in 1947, the NA movement is one of the world's oldest and largest of its type, with nearly twenty thousand weekly meetings in seventy countries.

  • National Alliance of Methadone Advocates
    NAMA is an organization composed of methadone maintenance patients and supporters of quality methadone maintenance treatment.

  • National Association of Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Counselors
    NAADAC'S mission is to provide leadership in the alcoholism and drug abuse counseling profession. The site offers information about the organization and links to important resources.

  • National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information
    Offers electronic access to searchable databases and substance abuse prevention materials that pertain to alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.

  • National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
    NOFAS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating birth defects caused by alcohol consumption during pregnancy and improving the quality of life for those individuals and families affected. NOFAS is the only national organization focusing solely on FAS, the leading known cause of mental retardation.

  • Nicotine and Tobacco Network
    NicNet is sponsored by the Arizona Program for Nicotine and Tobacco Research at the University of Arizona. This page is a great place to visit to find resources on quitting and for general information about quitting smoking.

  • The Research Institute on Addictions
    RIA in Buffalo, New York, is a national leader in alcohol and substance abuse prevention, treatment, and policy research. The site offers information about the work of the center, including its Minority Research Development Program.

  • Secular Organizations for Sobriety
    SOS is an alternative recovery method for those alcoholics or drug addicts who are uncomfortable with the spiritual content of widely available 12-Step programs.

  • Sobriety & Recovery Resources
    Links to personal testimonials and information about self-help, largely 12-step, groups.

  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
    The SAMHSA home page offers links to a wide variety of resources.

  • Virginia Addiction Technology Transfer Center
    The VATTC, unites addiction treatment practitioners, state and local human service agencies, criminal justice agencies, and higher education institutions nationwide. The Center's goals include transferring current research to treatment application through curriculum development, professional development, technical assistance, information dissemination and regional collaboration.

  • Web of Addictions
    The Web of Addictions is dedicated to providing accurate information about alcohol and other drug addictions and a resource for teachers, students and others who need factual information about abused drugs.



  • Act Against Violence Outreach Campaign
    Act Against Violence is a two-year, statewide campaign to educate the public about violence and to provide individuals and community organizations with information that encourages collaborative, community-based prevention activities.

  • Assault Prevention Information Network
    Information about the work of the Network, self-defense resources, martial arts resources, information about violence in society and violence prevention.

  • British Columbia Institute on Family Violence
    The BC Institute on Family Violence was established in 1989 as a private, non-profit organization. The Institute works to increase public awareness and understanding of family violence through education and dissemination of information. The Institute provides continuing education for professionals, conducts research, and develops and distributes resources to community organizations.

  • Bureau of Justice Statistics Crime and Victims Statistics
    Information, statistics, and publications about criminal victimization in the United States and related data collections.

  • Child Abuse Prevention Network
    This site is dedicated to using the World Wide Web to give child abuse prevention professionals the fullest possible support in their work A seemingly inexhaustible reference of links for professionals.

  • Comunity United Against Violence
    CUAV is a 15 year old nonprofit agency which addresses and prevents hate violence directed at lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgender persons.

  • Domestic Violence Handbook
    This online resource is designed to assist women who are experiencing domestic abuse.

  • Domestic Violence Hotlines
    Links to telephone, postal, and electronic addresses for domestic violence hotlines across the country.

  • Easton Alliance for the Prevention of Family Violence
    The Easton Alliance for the Prevention of Family Violence is the first Canadian family violence prevention agency and charity for abused men. A variety of information resources for male victims of domestic violence.

  • The Family Peace Project
    The Family Peace Project provides education, training and consultation to citizens, health care professionals, organizations and communities. Staff for the Project consists of psychologists and community activists who believe that citizens can improve their communities by using the power of individual responsibility, civic action and the democratic process to engage the strengths and resources of our local communities and create local solutions.

  • Family Violence Prevention Fund
    FUND is a national non-profit organization that focuses on domestic violence education, prevention and public policy reform.

  • Guggenheim Foundation Research on Violence & Aggression
    The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation sponsors scholarly research on problems of violence, aggression, and dominance. The foundation provides both research grants to established scholars and dissertation fellowships to graduate students during the dissertation-writing year. The HFG Review of research is published on a semi-annual basis.

    The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence was founded to combat the growing gun violence problem in the United States. CSGV is a unique coalition of more than forty religious, professional, labor, medical, educational and civic organizations.

  • Justice Information Center (NCJRS): Victims Domestic and Family Violence
    Links to documents about domestic and family violence.

  • Minnesota Higher Education Center Against Violence and Abuse
    The goal of the Clearinghouse is to provide a quick and user friendly access point to the extensive electronic resources on the topic of violence and abuse available through the Internet. It offers access to thousands of Gopher servers, interactive discussion groups, newsgroups and Web sites around the world.

  • National Campaign to Reduce Youth Violence
    Initiated by public broadcasting, this is a multiyear effort to reduce youth violence in our communities. In addition to presenting programming, the campaign is working with community-based and national organizations on community development and outreach activities.

  • National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    NCADV is a grassroots non-profit membership organization working since 1978 to end violence in the lives of women and children. They provide a national network for state coalitions and local programs serving battered women and their children, public policy at the national level, technical assistance, community awareness campaigns, general information and referrals, and publications on the issue of domestic violence, sponsor of a national conference every two years for battered women and their advocates.

  • National Consortium on Violence Research
    NCOVR has been created as a research and training center devoted to studying the factors contributing to inter-personal violence. The NCOVR world wide web site is served by the H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

  • National Network of Violence Prevention Practitioners
    The NNVPP specializes in the preparation and distribution of curricula that synthesize violence prevention information, as well as providing specialized training and technical assistance to practitioners nationwide.

  • The National Victim Center
    The National Victim Center provides assistance to victims of crime and providers of assistance to victims of crime.

  • New York City Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project
    The New York City Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project serves lesbian and gay crime victims through counseling, advocacy, information and referrals. The Project serves the larger community by working to change public attitudes that tolerate, insulate or instigate hate-motivated crime, and to reform government policies and practices affecting lesbian, gay, and other survivors of crime.

  • Nichole Brown Simpson Charitable Foundation
    The Nicole Brown Simpson Charitable Foundation is a granting foundation whose mission is to help fund organizations that shelter and protect families caught in the crisis of family violence.

  • NOW and Violence Against Women
    Information from the National Organization for Women about violence against women.

  • Pacific Center for Violence Prevention
    The Pacific Center for Violence Prevention, a project of the Trauma Foundation, works to prevent youth violence in California. Located at San Francisco General Hospital, the Center serves as the policy headquarters for the Violence Prevention Initiative funded by The California Wellness Foundation.

  • Partnerships Against Violence Network
    PAVNET Online is a "virtual library" of information about violence and youth-at-risk, representing data from seven different federal agencies. It considers itself a "one-stop", searchable, information resource to help reduce redundancy in information management and provide clear and comprehensive access to information for states and local communities.

  • Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network
    RAINN is a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. that operates a national toll-free hotline for victims of sexual assault.

  • SafetyNet Domestic Violence Resources
    A compendium of a wide range of information related to the issue of domestic violence.

  • Sexual Assault Information Page
    SAIP is a not-for-profit information and referral which provides information concerning acquaintance rape, child sexual abuse/assault, incest, rape, ritual abuse, sexual assault, and sexual harassment. Information is provided via the WWW, email, a bi-monthly electronic newsletter, as well as occasional hardcopy mailings for specific requests.

  • Sexual and Domestic Violence in the Jewish Community
    A bibliography from the Minnesota Center Against Violence & Abuse.

  • Sexual Harassment and Violence Against Women
    Links to resources about sexual harassment and violence against women.

  • The Silent Witness National Initiative
    In 1990, an ad hoc group of women artists and writers, upset about the growing number of women in Minnesota being murdered by their partners or acquaintances, joined together with several other women's organizations to form Arts Action Against Domestic Violence, which has as its goal the promotion of successful community-based domestic violence reduction efforts in order to reach zero domestic murders by 2010.

  • Stopping the Violence Against Women Bibliography
    A list of bibliographic references for the British Columbia Public Libraries prepared by Battered Women's Support Services, Vancouver.

  • The Survivor's Page
    A resource by and for survivors of sexual abuse. Contains letters, writings, and poetry by survivors.

  • Violence and Abuse in Couples Project
    This project has as its goal the development of a feminist-informed, morally explicit systemic conjoint treatment model to end violence by men toward their female partners.


Mailing Lists for Social Workers

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