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You are part of an historical audience
By studying historical situations, you can appreciate how speakers have responded to speaking situations.

The audio examples in this module are in RealAudio format. To listen to them, you need to download the RealPlayer plug-in from Progressive Networks. The plug-in is free and works with most browsers.

Speeches for Analysis These are links to some of the audio and text files of speeches referenced in the Allyn & Bacon Public Speaking Web site.
Presidential Speechmaking Examine how various U.S. Presidents dealt with rhetorical situations.
Supreme Court Oral Argument Listen to actual recordings of advocates before the U.S. Supreme Court to see how they adapted to that forum of rhetoric.
Historic Speeches Read or listen to historic speeches in a variety of archives.
News Archives Find transcripts of daily national TV news or video clips from CNN.

Speeches for Analysis

Sarah and James Brady, "Speech on Gun Control"
Listen to the Brady's speech on Gun Control before the Democratic Convention from the files of PBS. The speech was presented in Chicago in July, 1996.

Winston Churchill, "Be Ye Men of Valour"
Listen to Churchill's speech from the History Channel. A written text can be found at the Winston Churchill Home Page. To access speeches on the History Channel, click on the icon for the Speech Archive for the full list of speeches and scroll down to find the speaker you want to hear.

Mario Cuomo, "Keynote Address to the Democratic Convention in 1984"
Listen to Cuomo's speech from The presentation was made in San Francisco on July 16, 1984.

Willliam Jefferson Clinton, Inaugural Address
Text of President Clinton's second inaugural address.

Albert Gore, Jr. "Convention Speech to the Democratic Convention in l996"
Listen to Gore's speech from the files of National Public Radio.

Albert Gore, Jr. "Tribute to Victims of the Oklahoma City Bombing, April 20, 1996"
Listen to Gore's speech from the files of KWTV television station.

John F. Kennedy, Inaugural Address
Listen to the speech presented at the U. S. Capitol in Washington D.C. January 20, 1961 Washington D.C. The recording is from the History Outloud Project and Oyez. A written text of Kennedy's Inaugural is available from Columbia University's Bartleby Collection.

Robert F. Kennedy, Eulogy to Martin Luther King, Jr.
Listen to Kennedy's speech on the History Channel. A text of the speech is at the History Place. To access speeches on the History Channel, click on the icon for the Speech Archive for the full list of speeches and scroll down to find the speaker you want to hear.

Martin Luther King, Jr. "I Have a Dream"
Listen to a recording of "I have a dream" speech from A written text of King's address can be found at page for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center in Atlanta, which includes links to King's papers. You must register and receive a password to access the files of King's papers. Once there, you will see that his speeches are organized by year. The "I have a dream" speech is identified as the "Address at March in Washington, August 28, 1963."

Ronald Wilson Reagan, Inaugural Address
Listen to a recording of President Reagan's Inaugural from the files of C-SPAN. A printed text is available at the Bartleby collection at Columbia University.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, "Declaration of War on Japan"
The complete broadcast of the Declaration of War speech is available from the History Outloud project at Oyez. To read the text, go to the "Keeping the Memory Alive" site.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, "Fireside Chat on Reorganization of the Judiciary"
Listen to the Fireside Chat which President Franklin Roosevelt delivered on March 9, 1937. The RealAudio version of the speech and a text are from the History Outloud project at Oyez.

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Presidential Speechmaking

C-SPAN Presidential Inaugurals
American Presidents C-SPAN: Special Reports and Life Portraits for each of the Presidents of the United States

Center for Presidential Studies
Go to Texas A & M for this site where you will find information about the Program in Presidential Studies and an archive of significant presidential speeches.

Gateway to Presidential Libraries
The National Archive maintains this page as a directory to holdings at the libraries for each of the U.S. Presidents since Hoover.

Inaugural Addresses of U.S. Presidents
This collection from Columbia University links you to each of the Presidential Inauguration Addresses from George Washington to George Bush. For both Clinton Inaugural Addresses, you can go to the White House,

Internet Public Library
Read brief biographies of presidents and find links to some of their speeches from here.

MSU Vincent Voice Library
From this archive you can download .au and MPEG2 files, including some recordings of U.S. Presidents and other historical figures or events.

Ocean RealAudio Server
Find RealAudio versions of sound files for Presidents, most of which are from the Vincent Library.

Presidential Papers at the Library of Congress
The Library of Congress maintains collections of papers for American presidents from Washington to Coolidge. At present, select copies of papers by Washington and Theodore Roosevelt are available in digital form. Others will be placed online over the next year.

White House Audio Archive
Go to this page to listen to Saturday Radio Addresses presented by President Clinton. The page includes a search engine that you can use to find a speech by topic or date.

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Supreme Court Oral Argument

The Oral Argument Page
You can listen to actual voice recordings of oral argument in cases heard by the U. S. Supreme Court. This site requires RealAudio.

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Historic Speeches

American Memory Collection
This is a searchable database of audio and video files from the Library of Congress.

Douglass Archives of American Public Address
Named for Frederick Douglass, this site is an anthology of speech texts from American rhetorical history. The page is sponsored by the School of Speech at Northwestern University.

History Channel Archive of Speeches
A speech is highlighted daily. In addition, check out the archive of RealAudio files.

Historic Documents of the United States
Find many speeches among the documents on this page from the University of Kansas.

History Outloud
The History Outloud archive is at Oyez from Northwestern University. It includes RealAudio files and texts of speeches.

The History Place
You can search for texts and find some audio files in .wav format.

U. S. Senate Historical Office
The historian of the Senate is compiling biographies of all past U.S. Senators. A special feature is a section on the "Famous Five," the orators Webster, Calhoun, Clay, LaFollette and Robert Taft.

WebCorp Historical Speeches Archive
Sound bites from speeches since 1930's on a variety of topics. There is also a video collection from the Nixon era and the Watergate scandal. Some sound offerings are available in RealAudio.

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News Archives

Back in Time
Allpolitics provides back issues of Time Magazine covering political stories since the 1920s.

CNN Interactive Video Vault
Apple QuickTime movies and video clips using the VIVO format are featured. You can find highlights from the latest stories carried on CNN as well as clips from stories from the past three years.

Vanderbilt Television News Archive
Find text transcripts of TV news programs on the major networks since 1968.

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