Are you thinking about a career in Social Work? If you are, you probably want to take our Careers in Social Work Quiz. Relax, it won't be graded and it's only true-false. We broke up the questions into 12 sections for your benefit. Choose only the topics you're interested in or browse through the whole thing.

Also, check out Leon Ginberg's new book, Careers in Social Work. It's a comprehensive review of the types of careers that social work students can look forward to, with down-to-earth information about what types of careers are available in social work, how to find and secure jobs in the social work marketplace, what to expect with regard to salaries and benefits, as well as a description of some issues and problems that can be encountered in the student's first job in the field.

Applying for Social Work Jobs

Practicing Social Work

The Social Work Profession

Education for Social Work

Professional Social Work Credentials

Important Traditions and Laws

Social Work Characteristics and Ethics

Practicing Social Work II

Government and Social Work

Health, Insurance, Liability, Retirement and Other Personal Issues

Criminal Justice Settings

Working with Older People

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