Welcome to the World Wide Web site that has been designed to complement and supplement CyberReader 2/e--the printed anthology of readings on the new technologies and their impact on social and individual identities. While the focus of the papertext anthology is specifically on introducing students to Cyberspace and Virtual Reality and their impact on society, the focus of the webtext--this very site--is on introducing students to conducting research on the Net and the WWW, the world's largest library! The book and this site invite and guide students to think critically and yet serendipitously about this library.

Both the paper and the Web anthology are specifically designed for undergraduate students in first-year English and Communication courses, but can be used in other undergraduate and graduate level courses as well. Previously, it has been used in such classes as American Studies, Art, Classics, and Political Science. (There is no discipline that has not been touched by the new technologies.) If you are not a student but are interested in the crucial issues raised by Cyberspace and Virtual Reality, you will find CyberReader 2/e invaluable. Whatever your interest or educational status, take a look at the table of contents and the Introduction.

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If you should have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me. --Victor J. Vitanza

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